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The New Vikings - and the Longship That Sailed Not so Far

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Sandra, a hobby writer that loves creating essays about everything inside her head full of knowledge.

There was once upon a time...

...a group of people called the Vikings. They lived in modern day Scandinavia, the area of Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

They were known for being strongmen, drinking beer and fighting all the time. And drinking beer again. They had big beards, and big boats, called "longboats", on which they sailed all over the known world. Tough guys who liked exploring and fighting.

These people lived a thousand years ago. Sailed to Spain and Kiev, and with all security, they were the first ones to sail to North America.

Then a thousand years passed...

...and people continued living in Scandinavia, but now softening up. Alot. People became "civilized",and started living after rules and laws and regulations, becoming boring everyday people.

People stopped believing in Odin and Freja, and went to university to become accountants and lawyers and real estate agents and these kind of things.

Making a replica.

Then one day they got an idea. Why don't we try to find some old "guidelines" of how the "old folks" would used to build their boats, and we'll make a replica of a longboat, and we'll sail with it showing our heritage?

They started to look for old stories on how the longboats were made, how you would make them, what type of wood you would use, everything.

Putting the boat at sea.

They managed to create the boat. An oldstyle longboat, built from scratch, the way the Vikings would have made it.

Off we go, said the people, and put their boat in the ocean in south Sweden, with the Danes looking from the other side of the sound that divides the two countries.

Quite embarrassing.

They didn't even make it over the sound to Denmark, the boat sank, after only a couple of meters out at sea.

We imagine the embarrasment. The "real" Vikings sailed to Kiev and America, these ones couldn't even make it over the sound, had to be rescued by the coastguards.

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