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The master and the curious student

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The student desired to learn everything

A new student arrived at the school, and the master was kind to the student. But the master was kind to everyone. It was part of who he was. One day the student who had a great thirst for knowledge and read every book monastery every book in the library, every book of all the older brothers and sisters in every book.

One day he saw the master walking, and so the student followed the master. He saw the master sit by the opening of the cave. The students stood near the cave and watched. The master sat on a rock outside the cave and watched the sunlight dance on the leaves, and he watched and listened to the gently babbling brook that was just on the other side of the cave. The master sat there for the longest time, and so the student, although the student was standing. After a while, the student's feet became sore, and he returned to school.

The next day the student, again curious and thirsting for knowledge, saw the master got up and began to walk out of the schoolyard area just as he had the day before. This time though, the master did not go to the cave and the babbling brook. This time, the master went to a clearing in the forest and sat on a stump near the clearing and the trees' edge. This time, the student sat on the ground to watch the master and did not attempt to stand the entire time. He figured it was going to be a long time, and he was right. The master sat and reflected on the sunlight dancing on the leaves and the sunlight dancing on the grass and the wind's sound. The master stented gently to the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, as the day before, eventually the master rose and walked back to school.

On the third day, he saw the master rise and the fall of the master again. This time, the master walked to an old wooden bridge that went over the brook that babbled by the cave and sat in the bridge's middle. The student looked around, but there was no way he could sit on the bridge with the master. He would have to sit in the woods a little back from the stream. The master spotted the student or perhaps sensed him the Masters often do. Laster waived the student and said, and then resumed his silent reverie. The student walked quietly to the middle of the bridge and set of the master. The master didn't say anything. So the student sat quietly and listened. He listened to the sound of the babbling brook. The brook was telling stories about the rocks. It passed over stories about the mountain where once the water had been snow and then melting and run down the hill to become the brook. The student listened and listened. Without realizing that so much time with the past, the student noticed the master rising and rose.

As they walked back to the school, the master said, what did you hear?


The student learned that nature had much to teach

The student looked at the master and said I heard the brook speaking of the stones and the snow, I listened to the sound of the wind kissing the water, and I listened to the sound of nothing and everything at the same time.

The master smiled, and they walked the rest of the way in science. The next day when the master rose to walk, he motioned to the student to join him. He did not walk to the babbling brook by the cave or the bridge over the babbling brook or the forest glade. The master walked to the rice paddy with a water buffalo pulled the rice through the water's growth through the mud. The people milled about and moved and shook the rice to harvest it. They worked in unison together as if one, yet many. The student listened to the sound of the wind. The student heard the sound of the rice-growing each kernel pushing from the mud into the water. He watched as the rice moving above the surface of the water reached for the sign as plants love to do, and he heard the sun gently caressing the leaves different than the wind but still a loving caress in the student thought to himself that was interesting. Master rose again. The student had lost track of time, and they walked back to school. Nothing was said.

The next day the master rose and beckoned for the student, and the student followed the master, and this time they went not to the babbling brook by the cave was the Glade in the forest or the bridge over the babbling brook they did not go over to the rice paddy. This time they went to a village where people scurried about, and dust rose in the air, and horses clapped on their 4 feet with cloth clip club. The master sat in the students did as well. The student felt the dust rise from the street and coat his clothes, but he sat and listened, and he heard the sound of the sun caressing the dirt and the sound of the wind gently lifting the dirt off the ground and carrying it to the universe. He heard the sound of the pebble in the horses of where the poor horse felt great pain as it stepped down, and if that is for the quickly creating a complete club sound is that of the clip clock. Still, the other horses he the student heard the sound of the one bent wheel that wobbled on its axle and made the cart a little rougher for riding he heard all of those things in the village. As had happened two days before the master rose, the student did not realize that all that time in the past. This time, as they started back to the school,

the student tugged on the sleeve of the master. The master student said I thought all forms of knowledge in books and information and people and the school things. I sought to know. The master smiled at the student and said issued it. But now you do know, and they walked in silence the rest of the way back to the school.

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