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The Lost Undershirts a Short Story

Jim David is an up and coming writer. The lost undershirts - a short story is his first push into the world of writing.

The Story

Moody stood outside his allotted apartment with a sense of finality. He got a new job recently and so he moved away from his home in the far south to the north. The north was unlike the tropical south, it was landlocked and winters are very cold.

Moody stepped inside his apartment, a two bedroom ground floor apartment which he will be sharing with another employee. He took the far bedroom, which had a backyard and he unpacked, made his bed, took a shower and went to sleep.

It was 6 a.m. the next morning when he woke up. He got ready for work before 8 a.m. and took his breakfast. The work was simple at first which then became complicated and required more effort. The days went by and before he knew one month had passed.

He started to ease into his new life. It was breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, sleep and repeat, an infinite cycle bordering on the mundane. The locality was serene but it was dry and for some reasons unknown filled with lots of monkey. One day on his way to work he saw an elderly person being surrounded with monkeys, the brave elder somehow shook off the monkeys and ran to his apartment. To him the scene was quite comical, he laughed and went to work.

It was late one night when he finished his laundry, he hung the clothes, a bunch of undershirts, on the clothesline and went to sleep. The next day, one of the coldest days he had experienced, fog had crept in and it was very difficult to make out what is right front of him. He forgot about the undershirts and went to work with great difficulty. The whole day went by uneventful, yet the fog hovered. He came back to his apartment, forgot about the undershirts and went on with his usual routine of having dinner followed by sleep.

The next day, the fog still hovered and he suddenly remembered his undershirts and looked out through his window, but he was unable to make out anything. So he got ready for work and the day passed. It was lunch time and the fog had cleared, Moody came back to his apartment just to get the undershirts from the clothesline, but to his utter dismay the clothesline was cut and there was not a single undershirt.

He was furious and looked around to find if there was any clue whatsoever. Then, just as the fog cleared, his mind cleared and he saw a monkey jump from the tree nearby onto the boundary wall. It was looking at him deeply with a white cloth in its hand, suddenly with a cry it leaped over him and scampered away. Moody, curiously followed the monkey and after a short walk he found the monkey up above a tree not alone but with a troop of monkeys all looking at him fiercely. Moody looked intently and his gaze fixed on a small white patch made out of what seemed like clothes and on that patch rested two baby monkeys. Moody understood what it was and he slowly backed away and went to his apartment very amused at the ingenuity of the monkeys but also with a vow never to hang his clothes on his backyard ever again.

© 2019 Jim David

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