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The Lost Love

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Life is a short span of time where we experience every second which,later on, becomes literature,stories,poems.


The unsung love

Dear love,

"A beautiful serene night beside slithering sea,

Gushing waves reminds me of loving thee.

Our love could live for ages but,shattered as thou heart could never feel.

He that loveth smile of thee,

awaited for years beside the rain tree.

Thou perspicuous face reminisce the fear of losing thee"

I saw you in a dark,serene night beside a river where the tiniest waves had unwavering murmurs. That river was free of boisterous environment . You came here to see the refinement of the river and my luck brought me here to see your elegance. We noticed each other and,suddenly, my heart pounded like,it has dicovered the soul. I don't know what was your thought then.

I was strolling near you and yelling inside to say once,"Are you the one whom I was looking for my whole life." The heart of mine was yearning to meet his soulmate for years. I thought for a second that two yearning soul is going to meet each other but the plan of the Creator was different. Those soul couldn’t meet by irony of fate.

Who'd have thought they will never meet again? Who would have thought I'll have to write to my soulmate who is resting peacefully in grave.

My restless soul will always look for my love.

My beloved,

Unsung Love

Aziz was was crying continuously while reading this piece of letter.He didn’t know who wrote it but his heart filled with the sweetest moment of love.

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