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Life After the Shadows

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The light and the shadows

An elderly man, born in Panama, had decided to live far from the city, to rest from the hustle and bustle of the capital, in a wild place full of pure air, called Santa Cruz, located in the province of Chiriquí. He had bought a cabin near a beautiful forest, in the afternoons he was delighted with the natural landscape of the surroundings in that town. The trees exhaled the purest air he could have breathed in his entire life. He was happy, planning to enjoy the calm atmosphere of that place.

It was ten o'clock at night. Luis felt very cold. He had gone to bed at that time, because he felt a little bad. In his wide bed she covered herself with a thick quilt, but it was all to no avail, the coldness seeped into her bones. He remembered that he had left the window open and got up to close it. As he did so, he saw mysterious shadows around him, but he paid no attention to them, assuming they were just his imagination, he was very skeptical. Indeed, it was open, he stopped in front of the window to close the blinds and the thick curtains, but before he stood watching a small group of people passing by. Suddenly, one of them screams, and immediately they all run.

He thought that this attitude was characteristic of those distant regions of the city, who are not used to seeing strange people. So he did not give importance to the fact. He lay down again and felt less cold, or at least he imagined it.

The dawn woke him up with the light on his face and he decided to go for a walk in the nearby forest, where the trees were crowded and countless fruits broke down from his bountiful branches.

He goes to the door of his house, to leave, and hears some children very close, shouting:
This is the house! This is! This is where they scare.

Louis smiled condescendingly. These children are the reflection of his parents, he thought;
superstition rules them. He decided to open the door to confront them and tell them not to believe in such nonsense, that it was just lies and inventions of people who only loved to invent.

He opens the door and looks at the boys, who, paralyzed in surprise, scream and run in terror. But what happens? I ask surprised, why do they run like that?
Doesn't he realize? He is answered by one of the children who had stopped at a certain distance, while the others fled. You are a ghost! Then he runs off after his friends.

Luis was stunned, incredulous, at first, he thought that those children were crazy. He examines himself and notices that he is wearing a white robe and realizes that he is floating...

noooooooo! He yelled in his inescapable voice. In one fell swoop he understood everything.
The lightness he felt, the cold, the attitude of the people. Everything confirmed it.

He began to remember. He remembered his wife Carmen. He hadn't come to that town alone. He also remembered one night that he felt bad, his chest hurt after having tasted a delicious sandwich, sweet yucca, honey messabe, and a succulent rice with chicken accompanied by a glass of chicheme.

He had slept next to Carmen after that sumptuous dinner and never woke up among the living. He woke up in that dimension in which he now gravitated between shadows. He lived in that spiritual limbo, perhaps for a short or long time, who knows, only God. The truth was that he had not realized his situation until a few moments ago.

Luis did not know that he was in the other world. But already absorbed in his reality, he let his shadow fall along with the other shadows that surrounded the house. And he limited himself to remembering his life spent on unmistakable paths, which had led them to that state, of a soul in pain awaiting eternal rest, which would probably come when he had completed his punishment, which would not be very long, since he had stitches. in his favor, when on repeated occasions he had had beautiful acts of generosity and good heart with other human beings, helping those in need in terms of monetary aid.

Luis's errors had consisted mainly in disbelief, in his little faith in the creator of all things. He did not converse with him, he did not confess his sins to him, through his son's Jesus his. Daily and commonly human sins, insignificant in our eyes, but of great importance to God. In short, his thoughts were more material than spiritual, so that attachment to the materiality of the world became manifest in the pain of remaining conscious in that environment.

20 years pass. Luis is taken to heaven, through an intense and beautiful light, where he reunites with his deceased loved ones, but not before seeing the divine beings and thanking them for leading him to this peaceful and eternal home, full of happiness and peace, to the great and spiritual city, where they are worthy of being, only those people with a good heart, those who directly e travel after death, and those who, like Luis, had to atone in penance for a period of earthly time, and then after the penalty, be elevated to the spiritual plane of eternal happiness.

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