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The Journey We Don't See

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The first time my feet buried themselves in the sand like a crusty crab and the sea carried my body, softly as the bubbles danced around my chest, I knew that the ocean would bring peace to my soul and the salty breeze, between its small whirlwinds, would guide me into the proper path. I exhaled, letting the steam moistened my skin. Everything at ease, but then, through the emptiness of the night, across the calm waters, dotted with the chaotic shimmer of the stars, a whisper shouted my name. I trembled.

It is tomorrow when I should leave, not before.” I explained the cape that persistently surfed the violent tide of the sky. I wish I could have seen the waves crashed into the ship the entire night, heard its echo rumbled in my ears, but it was time for me to go to bed. My knees were freezing; they would crack every time I tried to move them, my hands would tickle and started to merge into the metal railing, certainly rotted under the thick coat of paint.

The little girl was still in my room. I thought it was going to be a quick and smooth journey, but instead, I was taking care of someone else. I assumed it was time for me, to reflect on my life, to think. I had spent days sailing under the endless blue reflection of the stars, and there wasn´t a day I didn´t discover something new. Magical. I let go of the railing, fondled it longingly, heading for the room to rest. Tomorrow the adventure would be over, and I needed time to prepare.


“The dreams returned!” came running. Barefoot. “Really? Mines had long since disappeared.” “Do you think they know?” she bounced at me with arms open, imprinting a small tear on my arm. A little sea's dew. “I think they´ll know soon, dear.” I said, stroking her silky hair. "Mines know already... I can feel it, they're sadness is so heavy for my chest" I put my hand over my heart, it's not what it used to be.

I don´t want to get off the boat yet. I know my parents are waiting for me but…” I nodded while listening attentively at her heart rate: an incomparable aliveness. “What should I do?” got down on her knees, covering her blouse of slimy solutions. “Maybe not knowing what to do its part of it all.” I replied. Wondering if she could also hear her name on the hiss of the horizon.

"I don't have to decide?", her eyes sparkled innocence. "Oh, you do my dear." I sat down on the chair, "But you'll know the answer when the time comes. I didn't know just now, and I found peace in it. Follow it, and maybe you'll find what you're looking for" I sighed.

"Aren't you afraid?", she got closer "Not anymore," I confess, "There is certain magic out there, in the sea, it... calls me." I saw the sky through the small window, it's the thing I'll miss the most, that and the sea; the light that shines through them. Magical.


We went to sleep, both thoughtful. She asked me about my family, my life and my dreams, and until that moment, while I was telling her my story, I felt grateful, my soul grew; I don't know how but it did, and it was beautiful. My life was wonderful, even the difficult moments, felt like blessings. Tomorrow, it would just be it, and I was waiting for the moment for me to meet my husband again, so many years without him.

The next sunrise was our last day. Everyone on board, the ones ready to go, would grab their empty suitcase and leave with nothing more than their scattered memories. When landed, I not only dreamed about finally being able to rest but felt it though my soul, there was no pain left, no cold or sadness.

As for the little girl, she was not ready to move to the next station. I waved my hand at her when I took yours, I didn´t realise until that moment the fluffy texture they had, and I watched her disappear through the dazzling reflections of the sun rays in the sea. Who knows? Maybe she has crossed the invisible barrier that keeps us away from the central station. I hope that she´s able to find the mysterious scent I found in the depths of the alkaline wind, in the gentle arms of the sand, and on the reliable tide that led me to the place, I needed to be. Her journey's just beginning, and I will wait for her to tell me, when the time comes, her story.

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