The Hunter-Short Story

Updated on April 9, 2018

The hunter

A shot rang out and his comrade went down. Jaxson fled into the thick forest, he knew who, what was chasing him. They called him the god killer, a man sent to hunt down demi-gods that had gone astray, that had done something… unbecoming of their parentage. Jaxson knew the hunter never missed his mark, but he also knew he was stronger than most demi-gods and could likely take at least one shot. But it wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t find a place to hide, and maybe, just maybe, surprise the god killer. The branches whipped by and tore at his clothes, but Jaxson spotted an outcropping, just out of sight long enough for him to summon some help, he rounded the corner and slammed his back against the wall. “Six shots. That’s all he has before I can jump him.” Jaxson muttered to himself as he began the incantation, a portal tore open before him, to the lost lands, two hounds of darkness leapt through and acknowledged their summoner. A whispered command and they tore off into the forest. “I need one more pair, but not here, he’ll be on me soon.” Again, Jaxson took off running, he could hear behind him as the hounds shrieked with delight as they spotted their prey. It wasn’t even a second later that he heard the first shot, and a thump as the hound struck the ground hard. “No, no he’s too fast!” A second shot and Jaxson had only run a few dozen feet. A moment later and a third shot rang out, it struck Jaxson in his left leg, he went down and scrambled behind a tree. “Tell me god killer! Do you get some sick pleasure out of hunting your betters!” He shouted. Heavy plodding steps approached him and Jaxson quickly cast another incantation, but this time it was too quick and only a single hound leapt through before the portal slammed shut. “Just my luck.” Jaxson grumbled as the hound rounded the tree and leapt towards the hunter. Jaxson stood and began another incantation, stepping out to throw the lightning bolt at his target. But before he could finish, a shot rang out again and a thud as the hound fell to the forest floor. Stepping out to finish his spell one final shot rang out, interrupting his incantation as the bullet struck between his eyes. An elegant revolver falls to the hunter’s side. “No, I am here to prove that you godlings are no better than the rest of us, that you still need to follow the rules.” His job complete the Hunter heads off into the night as he reloads his revolver for the next target.

© 2018 David


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