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The Girl With Blue Eyes - Response to Word Challenge by Brenda Arledge

Umesh is a freelance writer contributing his creative writings on varied subjects in various sites and portals in the internet.


This story is inspired by the word challenge that our fellow hubber Brenda Arledge offers us every week.

Human relations are based on subtle emotions and feelings and in this story I have tried to bring that through the blue eyes of a girl which want to convey something to other person. It is said that love is eternal and manifests between human beings in myriads of ways. The deeper sentiments are not easy to be deciphered in some of the cases, but eventually love comes out and is a winner in all these cases.

The girl with blue eyes

After completing his diploma in Electrical Engineering, Patrick got a job in a local electrical business house in the city and was feeling happy with that. During his student life he had many friends, boys and girls alike. He was considered a jolly good fellow by his friends. That was the reason why many boys and also many girls liked his company.
Some of his friends were already having jobs in different places in the city and sometimes they were meeting and having fun in some picnic places or some restaurants of their choice. Patrick was enjoying his time in the workplace as well as in his spare time with the friends.
On weekends, Patrick sometimes visited his parents who were living in a nearby town. For last three years, Patrick was in the hostel but now he had shifted to a rented apartment near his workplace.
Patrick was always interested in making new friends and during one of the get to gather in their favourite restaurant, one of his friends introduced three new girls and two boys to him. They all got introduced to each other and then were having fun as usual.
One of the girls named Hazel attracted Patrick's attention not because she was very beautiful or fashionable but because she had very special blue eyes. In fact, blue eyes were not anything unusual in that part of the country and many girls had it but this one was quite different. Patrick found her eyes not only blue but they appeared to be speaking to him and wanted to tell him something. This was a very unusual experience for Patrick to feel like that. Patrick had seen so many girls with blue eyes and some of them were really very beautiful but he never found their eyes yearning or wanting to speak to him. And why they should as there was no apparent reason for doing so. Not understanding this attraction, Patrick decided to talk to the girl just to confirm his feelings about her eyes. During one of the meets of the friends group, Patrick approached the girl and started talking just lke that casually. His plan was to first become a bit frank and close with the girl and then only talk about her eyes at some opportune time. When Patrick talked with her and interacted with her on some general subjects, he found her quite intelligent and knowledgeable and he was really impressed by all that. She mostly talked in a matter of fact way and was very convincing in her arguments most of the times.

Patrick met her later many times but was not sure whether he should talk about her eyes or not because he did not like to fall in any embarassing situation if the girl did not like that and took it in some other way than that of compliment or appreciation.
Meanwhile, he started to develop a kind of affinity with thei girl and wanted to know more about her. One day while talking to her, he casually asked where she lived and what she was doing. He came to know that she was staying in the same town where Patrick's parents lived and was doing a small job here in this city in a company. She was very much interested in telling about her and her finance and account related job and was feeling a kind of proud about it. Whether Patrick was interested or not she did not notice and told all about as how she got her education in commerce stream and was able to secure that job. She also mentioned that as she belonged to an average middle class family it was a great relief for her family when she got this job and they all felt pride in it.
Patrick's friends were observing the interest of Patrick in Hazel and were casually asking him whether he was really interested in a long time relationship with her. Patrick never answered them as he was yet to get the answer of his own query about the colour of the eyes of that girl which had captivated him for such a long time.
Whenever Patrick and his friends had a meet, most of the times Hazel was there and then Patrick talked to her always waiting to ask that question about her eyes. Meanwhile, he told her about himself, his family and his plans for his career ahead in life. Patrick belonged to a upper class family and did not have financial restrictions like Hazel faced. He used to spend money with his friends especially during the get to gathers.

During one of those occasions, Patrick with all his good manners and gestures asked Hazel about her eyes and wanted to know as why he felt them as if talking to him and wanting to ask him something. Hazel was not surprised at all and first she laughed for quite some time and then told Patrick that probably Patrick had never observed his own eyes which were also blue though not as dark as Hazel had got. Once Hazel became normal after that laughter bout she told Patrick that she was not attracted to Patrick in tbe beginning but whenever she saw his eyes she found them want to tell her something but due to the feeling that Patrick might got offended she never asked that childish question. Patrick was now much surprised and was amazed the way Hazel told him about his light blue eyes and its effect on her.
Patrick was silent and was not able to speak as Hazel was smiling and looking at him.
"It is so strange", Patrick murmured in a whispering voice.
Hazel knew that Patrick was much moved and impressed with what she had told so honestly and clearly but was now not able to express his feelings to her.
Hazel came very near to him and saw in his eyes deeply. Patrick found her eyes a little wet with emotions. He drew her closer to him and took her in his arms.

Hazel, in a soft tone asked him to take her out from the crowd there.
They took excuse from the friends and left the place. Patrick had got the answer to his long standing question.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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