The Girl Who Wore Her Crown High

Updated on January 22, 2018
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I love to write all kinds of poems, I am creative and always looking for improvement. Living life to the fullest.


The girl who wore her crown high

She smiled at everything most everyday, the birds smiled back, her hair so long she loved the wind flowing throughout her curly long hair. She thought of how much she enjoyed life. The sun shining, the wind blowing she could dance and sing all day.

The crown on her head she wore high, to think of her values and how much she was loved. Everyday she would tell herself she is worth living, but one day her crown fell and that day; well that day she had lost all the meaning of life. The birds did not sing the sun did not shine and most of all she did not dance.

Her way of walking through life day to day did not make any sense at all, the clouds were gray and gloomy and most of all she cried. As the rain came down the rain touched her face, the drops of rain rolled down her cheeks but it was her tears that came, that is when she realized that the crown on her head had never fallen but her spirit of happiness had diminished away slowly through time.

© 2018 Shantal Siomara Phillips


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    • pinkladyphillips profile image

      Shantal Siomara Phillips 2 months ago from Utah

      thanks so much for the compliment :) hope you enjoy reading my poems.

    • bluemana profile image

      Bret Phillips 3 months ago from Utah

      I like your poem. Keep up the good work.