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The Gift of Seeing, Feeling and Hearing Ghosts

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The ghost teenagers

Did you die yesterday?
Yes. A mistake was riding that bike,
and be thinking about little birds,
this was what I achieved, by being distracted.
Now I am a ghost.
But that's not bad, friend. You'll get up soon.
Rather, we will rise. I for my part
I'm not going to stay long. And I think neither do you.
Or I'm wrong?

No, you're not wrong, I have nothing pending.
I was only 14 years old. He was almost a child, a teenager.

Don't worry, I've been told that up there we can grow in every way. I was also a teenager. I was 15 years old and I don't know how it all happened.

That car that hit me, I don't know where it came from. and the truth too, it was due to distraction, I was thinking like a fool
on a girl he had just met.

The group of teenage ghosts walk on a raised bridge, as if they are still alive. They speak of what just happened, and they feel shocked
know what life is like after life.

But they don't know something...
Only one of the living who is close to them,
he has heard the spectral conversation. This person
He has the gift of seeing and hearing ghosts.


People sensitive to paranormal phenomena

Why are there people sensitive to paranormal perceptions, and others are not receptive to these phenomena?
Simply because the former, that is, those who do perceive the paranormal, are people who have sharpened the additional senses that every human being has, but in the vast majority of people, remain asleep.

Paranormal perceptions are varied and complex, as is the vision of ghosts. For example:
The voices perceived telepathically with the vision of the spiritual being or without it.
Premonition dreams.
The ghosts in their multiple forms of sphere, shadows or lights.
The full sensation of feeling close to someone and verifying at the moment that there is no one.
The tactile perception of a person, and immediately verify that there is no one.
The natural psychophonies.
Voices in the rain.

Skeptics are always those people who have never perceived anything paranormal, simply because their paranormal senses are too dormant. Therefore they are not capable of feeling absolutely anything paranormal.

The ghost can be in front of him and he doesn't see or hear him. On the other hand, if a sensitive person is next to her, she will immediately see or hear him.


The portals after life

The life, after of the carnal end, continues on other planes, variable and enigmatic. According to some scholars, the new disembodied subtly leave their corporeality and then ascend to the light, or stay for a short or long time in the physical area or the plane of the living.

Those who choose to stay indefinitely, or do not choose it, but still remain wandering, it could be out of fear, or who do not wish to continue, because they do not know what awaits them, they fear that they may be judged and condemned, in case they are no repentant sinners. These ghosts choose to be in physical places; in a particular house or in a forest.

The specters they are projected in different ways, because they are variable. There are white ghosts that reveal their peri-spirit, these were people, and their transit is brief, because they soon rise, and there are dark shadows coming from God's opponent.


Spirits or fallen angels?

Spirits abound in this physical dimension. Clear from his spectral space, it is as if both worlds are mixed. Hidden in their transparency, they spy on us. But there are some people who can see them. And they often ignore or forget about it. So from their hiding place they hide even more, from those who, by their gifts, can perceive them.

Then they attack, either in nightmares, or just brazenly showing up to scare. Other times they literally attack, bringing their mucous essence closer to our touch. The only surefire way to combat them is first through prayer, faith, and total freedom from fear.

Some of these spirits are ghosts, others fallen angels, fractions of spiritual essences left behind in the roots of materiality, at the time of their departure. Others are just lapses of events whose images in time are presented, as if they were old movies.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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