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The Ghosts in My World

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The ghosts

Have you heard about ghosts? those unhappy beings that wander in the transparency of the shadows, like a nubile and detectable reflection, that details with the naked eye, their blurred figures, their clothes and their also diffuse faces?

Poor creatures, their consciences wander in the magnitude of the spiritual limbo. It is a parallel universe; the spectral universe of wandering souls. Sometimes they enter our dreams and communicate with our conscience, emitting messages with their spectral voices.

We try to understand them but everything is useless; Those voices are distorted, weaving psychological inconsistencies in the thread of silence. We think; Without knowing that we dream, why don't I understand him? What happen?

At that moment the cobwebs of the mind are cleared and we become aware, realizing that we are in a dream, and we deliberate to enjoy the pleasant presence of our deceased loved one. We talk to him, we hug him, not caring that he is dead.

What is probably a raving of the mind or the pleasant soul of our deceased love. That he can be a father, a mother or other loved ones.

We embrace it because our feelings are awakened by seeing them so rosy, so natural that in those moments of nocturnal dreams our sleeping mind wanders and reasons, concluding after the first reflection, that dream is reality; that the absence of our loved one was just a nightmare.

The reverse leads us astray and distracts us from the cruelty of life. We breathe a sigh of relief and talk, as much as we talk with them, unburdening our conscience with gestures of attention and extreme affection. Then we wake up and cry, how much we cry his absence, but the heart is comforted by the immense spiritual love of our creator, our heavenly father


Some spirits of the past speak to me

One of the charming men of the Victorian era, he was in love with me. I traveled to the past, in 1855 and met him. His soul joined mine. We loved each other for several months. We walked through a forest near our house. A huge house, where we lived happily. We drove around in our car, and also on horseback.

The first time I saw it, I couldn't believe it. He had already traveled astrally to various epochs, but I never imagined that I would meet him, because I had fallen in love with him because of his photo on the Internet.

She had dreamed of him many times. That day I saw him, a sunset in 1855, it was love at first sight. I couldn't help it and cried with happiness. He hugged me and was surprised to see my tears.

But he couldn't tell him that I was a girl traveler from the future and that at any moment he could disappear from his side. We would part forever. But I didn't want to see reality and I did my best to stay as long as possible, in his time. In the meantime, we would be happy.

Nothing opposed our love. He was a wealthy man, and he had his own assets. We got married, and I was proud and happy to be his wife. I couldn't be happier. He was my soulmate, the man of my dreams.

Understanding, loving and very detailed, he used to tell me that I was his heart, and that he deserved all the best. After five months have passed, he tells me that he wants to travel with me to wonderful places.

And when he is giving me the sweetest of kisses, I get a very intense headache.
And I see everything cloudy. The last thing I remember was seeing him, the love of my life, in anguish, trying to hold on to him.

Then I woke up in my current time. In my single bed, I felt enormous sadness but I didn't cry. I had already mentally prepared myself for what would happen at any moment, I did not belong to 1855, but to the 21st century. But there was something he wanted to know. I wanted to know if my great love had remarried. And how he had gotten over my disappearance.

I researched and learned that he had been single for five years, which were emotionally tough on him. But after some time passed, he met a woman very similar to me, physically. They had five children.

He has always been in my mind and dreams, he is the love that I never found again, because we have both lived several lives together. And we always coincided being born at the same time. Less this time.

I did not want to investigate further, because he was a character of some notoriety. And if I investigated the story, I would surely know even more things, which I might not like.

I have felt on occasions, that I hear his voice next to me, and I have thought that it is his spirit. I know I will see it, when I walk to the other side, meanwhile I am living and have lived my own reality, with stability and peace.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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