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The Ghost of Her Love

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Jacobo and Carla were an ordinary couple, they had gotten along very well for more than 20 years of marriage. But in the last five years, they argued about everything and got offended too. Although they both loved each other, they had not had happy moments for a long time.

-Jacobo, for offending her always told her: Why don't you leave this world? I do not want to see you anymore.
-Carla felt very bad for those words and replied:
Well yes, it's not a bad idea, well me too, that way I wouldn't see you anymore.

It so happened that he did not see her, nor did he hear from her for a long time.
Jacobo cried a lot, and asked for forgiveness from above, asking God for the return of his beloved. And the story continues...


Carla's spirit

And it happened that one day she left this world, but she was still conscious, spiritually alive. She didn't know that she had died.

But little by little she began to realize. She didn't see her body. But strangely her husband could hear her voice and even converse with her.

"What is the other world like?" Her husband asked insistently.
"Don't ask me that, please, I'll try to answer you when I can." Carla answered.
But not even she could define it. She just felt like she was alive, she felt her body.

-Jacobo, tell me, how did everything happen? I don't remember how or when I died. Where is my body?

Why do I feel like I have a body? Carla asked her husband.

The time elapsed since the disappearance.

-Carla, one day you went out to do some shopping and never came back. I looked for you everywhere and never found you, that was ten years ago. Jacob said.

-Ten years? Impossible, if I remember everything from yesterday, when we went out for a walk and then we came back, because I had to do some shopping”, answered Carla.

-You're wrong, but I suppose that the spirits perceive reality in another way, as they say that time does not exist on that plane.-Jacobo argued.


The amnesia of the spirit of Carla

-When did I get here in spirit? And I also want to know if you were scared just listening to me.- Carla asked curiously.

Well the next day, I was sleeping, and your voice woke me up. Listening to you, I thought you had returned, I felt happy. But when I got up and looked for you, I didn't see you. Then I looked for you all over the house and I didn't find you. - Jacob replied

- How weird! I don't remember those moments. But keep telling me.

-Suddenly I heard your voice again, pronouncing my name, but this time closer, asking me if I had bought breakfast.-said Jacobo.


The fear and then the routine

- At that moment, if I got scared, and I ran out of the house. I called my relatives on the phone, and they comforted me by telling me ; Surely it was my imagination, to calm me down. And so I calmed down, and then I went back to the house. Soon I heard your voice again. But this time, I decided to face the situation. Jacob continued.

And I told you the truth, that you had disappeared, that I didn't know about you, that you were a ghost. Then I didn't listen to you for a long time. A month later I feel like you arrive again and ask me the same thing, if I had bought breakfast. I followed your lead, listening to you in everything, as if you were normal and alive here. Since that day, you sleep next to me. You talk to me, you're always here. But inside of me, it hurts a lot, not seeing you, even though I hear you. - Jacob said.


Carla's spirit travels to the past

-From today I will be absent, I must find out what happened to my body. Carla announced.

-Where will you go? Jacob asked.

I will travel all the way that my body traveled that day. I know that I will remember as I follow my own steps. Carla replied.

Carla left and in a very strange way, she seemed that she had gone to the past, because she saw herself leaving her house, while she, her spirit, followed her at all times.

She saw her when she walked into a clothing store. Then she went out with the purchases. Suddenly she sees that she falls into a sewer hole. Everything happened so fast that no one at the time saw when she fell in that place. But a security camera had caught it all.

Carla's spirit, she sees when an ambulance arrives and picks her up. To all that, she Carla had followed herself to the hospital.

The medical staff tried to find an ID to search for her family, but unfortunately, in her fall, she had lost her documents.

Carla understood everything. Well yes, she was her. But she in a coma. She didn't know if she would ever wake up.


The solution is love

Quickly her spirit returned to her husband, and she told him everything.

-You must speak to me, hold my hands and give me a kiss of love, I will try to enter my body, with the force of your energy. Carla said to her husband.
-Yes my love. I'll do it right away! Jacob responded excitedly.

When Jacobo arrives, he hugs her and kisses her on the lips. At that very moment, Carla wakes up and cries with joy just like her husband.
They both give thanks to God. And they hug.

A few days later, she is discharged.


Mutual promise

-Forgive me, Carla, I will never say offensive words to you, nor will I do anything that makes you feel bad, I will only love you, forgive me, my love.

-You too forgive me Jacobo, I shouldn't have been so incomprehensible, sorry, my love.
Both embrace and return to their home, where they were very happy, until a very old age, for both die the same day, and rise to the city of God.

The end

© 2022 Venus Mary

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