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The Frog's Advice

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There lived a family of frogs in a river, they were spending their days very happily. Two bulls used to come to drink water on this river every day. One day the frogs saw that only one bull came to drink water.
The old frog asked the bull: "Mian bull! Why didn't your mate come to drink water with you today?"
The bull replied with great hatred and contempt: "There has been a fight between us two. That is why I have come here alone."
When the bull went away after drinking the water, the old frog said to the children: "Children! As soon as possible, leave the bank of this river and settle down somewhere else."
When the children asked the reason, Elder Mandak said: "It is not without danger to live where disagreement and enmity arise.

A young frog said stubbornly: "If you want to go, then go happily, I will stay here. What does the rivalry between bulls have to do with us?

The old frog took his family to the other side of the river and the ignorant frog stayed there.
One day it happened that both the bulls came out to drink water together. At first, they looked at each other with hatred, and then a fight started between them.
The two bulls fought and lost blood. The young frog was watching the fight with amusement when the bulls attacked him. The frog came under their feet and was crushed.
Before dying, the young frog remembered the old frog's advice that fighting and enmity are dangerous not only for those who fight but also for those who live there.