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The darkest hour pt. 5

Changing tides

The darkest hour pt. 5

Jeff stepped out of the alley and onto the sidewalk. Suddenly a shot rang out, he wasn’t sure where it came from but he definitely heard the bullet whizz by him. He dove back into the alleyway, face first into a puddle of muck. “Motherfucker!” he muttled as he got to his feel and took off down the alleyway back into the dark. He could hear voices and knew that he was too far down the alley for him to get back to his original hiding place. He pulled out his gun, clicked the safety off, leaned up against the building wall closest to him and leveled the weapon off. Jeff was looking down the sights with a line for the entry into the alley. He was squeezing down on the trigger. A man stepped around the corner and Jeff immediately recognized him. “Tom, get the f...” His word was cut short as his associate Tom suffered a gunshot to the head. Tom collapsed on the sidewalk, bleeding out from the large wound in the side of his heads.

Jeff knew this was the end game. They had just shot his former co-worker in the head. An innocent victim in all of this shit. He stood without moving eyes still trained on the sights. If someone rounded the corner he was going to let the lead fly. He stood for at least fifteen minutes waiting. No one came. No sounds, nothing. His friend lying in the pool of blood. Cars were passing by and no one even gave a second glance. Jeff finally lowered the weapon down to his waist. He couldn’t make heads or tails of what exactly was going on. He stepped back a few steps and squatted down to make sure he wasn’t missing someone in the dark. The only shape he could make was his friend, lying dead.

Jeff glanced behind him and saw nothing but darkness. Darkness that would be his friend as he slipped away from this terrifying scene. He placed his firearm on safety, but did not holster it. He slowly crept down the darkened alley away from the murder scene. He could smell Chinese food cooking and hear TV’s blaring the television program. How could these people not have heard the gunshot? He was closing his eyes for a few seconds at a time to allow them to adjust to the darkness. Blam! Jeff felt something slam into his right cheekbone. He felt the hard brunt object deliver a blow to his face that knocked him clean off of his feet and onto the ground. He tried hard to see where it came from and to keep conscious. He saw the wooden baseball bat coming down again out of the darkness and connect with his temple hard.

Jeff came to. He was tied to a chair with is hands behind his back. There was blood all over his pants, and a puddle of coagulated blood pooled on the floor. He was still very hazy. He leaned his head back and felt immediate pain in the right side of this face. He could tell his eye was swollen but wasn’t sure what else. He blinked several times. He twisted his wrists to try to figure out what was binding his hands. He could feel the plastic flexi-cuffs. He knew those were next to impossible to get out of especially the manner in which he was sitting. He lowered his head back down and started using his peripheral vision to look around. He could tell he was in a warehouse of some sort, but there were only large cardboard boxes around him nothing else. Nothing stuck out in his mind. He had no idea of where he was or how long he had been out. He could hear the footsteps coming up from behind him. He closed his eyes. He could hear Russian being spoken. Suddenly his head was yanked backwards by his hair. The man looking into his face was Jim’s driver. The man balled a fist and punched Jeff in the mouth. Jeff felt the blood and heat flow from his mouth. He raised his fist and struck him again. Jeff had blood pouring from his mouth and face. The man let go of his hair.

“Did you really think I was going to let you off that easy?” Jeff heard Jim speak from the darkness. “You just don’t get it, leave it alone I warned you.” The driver stepped in front of Jeff. He threw an uppercut and connected with Jeff’s lower jaw. Jeff felt the white light of pain flow over his body. Another jab to his mouth. He could feel the flesh of his lip hanging where his teeth had cut into it. He felt the blood pouring down his face and into the blood pool on the floor. “Why Jeff, Why? Why the hell couldn’t you just go about your business like you always do?” Jeff swallowed and attempted to speak but his voice was very weak and raspy. “They…they have my…daughter…they will kill her.” Jeff slumped his head back down. He was out of energy and was losing consciousness. If he was hit again he knew it was lights out. The driver told him to repeat himself. “They have my daughter and they will kill her if….” Jeff knew he was running out of time and out of stamina. “If what??” Jim replied “If you don’t do what?” Jeff picked his head up and eyed Jim. “If I don’t give her the USB.”

Susan’s cell phone began chirping its downloaded theme music. She glanced over at the phone lying on the side of her desk. Unknown number was displayed on the phone’s led screen. She picked the phone up and pushed the red ignore button. She laid the phone back down and again turned to her computer screen. The phone rang again. She picked the phone up and answered. A voice she did not recognize began speaking to her “Just listen, your husband Jeff is in mortal danger. He is involved with a Russian terrorist group. They have him kidnapped and your daughter as well. He needs your help immediately. Please meet me at the park at Fifth and Lake Drive. Have a seat on the bench and I will contact you. Be there at five and don’t be late.” The phone displayed that the call had ended. Susan sat the phone down on her mahogany desk. What has he gotten us into now? She thought to herself. She picked up her phone and scrolled through the contacts. She pressed the dial button on the name Charlie.

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