The Boy Who Cried

Updated on December 8, 2017

once upon a time there lived a boy around the age of 17 in town filled with amazing people that were doing incredible things and making their families proud.

The boy was a very simple minded person that always looked up to those people and wanted to be like them but he was not doing anything special like them,He was just going on with his life like a plastic bag goes when the winds start to blow he wanted to change that but was not going anywhere.

The boy had three childhood friends that were always by his side. The boy would often shared his dreams with them and told them that he would be famouse someday, his friends used to take it lightly and told them that we'll be here if you do become famous the boy was happy knowing his friends will see how he'll make them happy and so they carried on with there lives.

His friends were everything to him and he would always be with them thinking things will stay the same but little did he know about life.When the boy turned 19 thinking that he would now change his life by doing something productive he realized that he did not think of anything that he was going to do, he had always fantasized about what he wanted to become that he had forgotten how to become that which he wanted, he had no plans, no technique nothing he was just chasing after a goal he had no idea of how to get there.

The boy was depressed thinking that all this time he just spouting things that he could not do but somewhere in his heart he knew that whatever the problem was his friends would always be there to comfort him and make him happy.

One day when all his friends came at his house for a gathering he realized that all his friends had started doing something to achieve there own respective goal one had started his own business company and the other had started working on his passion for music all the while the boy was just doing nothing to make his life meaningfu.He became sad thinking of what a failure he was and how he would let his family down if he had started do to anything.

The boy started thinking of ways that would help him but could not find a solution he thinking of ways that could somehow change his life or give him a purpose in life as he was coming to the conclusion of how worthless he was. The boy kept trying and trying thinking of the success his friends were getting and how left out he felt when they used to talk about there work and busy life.

The boy tried and tried as hard he could to reach on mark with his friends and he kept thinking among all his he was the one that wanted fame the most and wanted his name to be remembered in history but as time went by he was still not going anywhere while his friends and all the people he knew were gradually going places he once dream of going but the boy kept on trying thinking that someday his life will change but when the boy reflected on his life he soon realized that in all his life the boy had done nothing but fire blank shots from his mouth and how much he had waisted his life running after a dream that he had planned himself and upon realizing that fact on a night when he was all alone the boy cried his heart out.


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