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The Balloon Lives: A Short Story

Penelope Bucket attended many creative writing courses in community college. She was an A+ student in writing and communication courses

The beginning

My ancestor was created so long ago in a Laboratory far back in time. I have a purpose and that purpose is to bring fun and joy into people's lives. I live to participate in celebrations, I live to play, and I need help to fillfull my purpose.

My desire

I have been made in the factory, I've been stuffed in a bag, I've been crammed into a box with many others of my kind. I have traveled far been removed from my box and placed in a bin with many others now I sit here waiting to fulfill my purpose.

People come in and they look at the shelves and they look at the bins. I call out to them with my silent voice, "Pick me! Pick me! Choose this bag, choose me so that I can party and be a part of your life. Please hear me, I am the right color, I have the design you desire, I am here in this bag."

Many hands have touched the bag that I have been stuffed into as I travel through the world in the hopes of fulfilling my one and only purpose. I see you as you look at me and I hope that you will choose the bag that I am in, that you will fill me with air of some kind so I can make you happy and bring you Joy, I want to live!

I hope that my design is right for you, that I am the color you need, that the size I am is the size you want. I hope that I am the portal to your celebration divine.

I have been purchased, the beautiful hand found the bag I have been placed in. My bag full of others like me is being carried to the pay counter. I have made it into a take home bag, soon soon soon I will receive air I will grow I will be admired I will be played with. Joy will be mine.


Air and expansion

Finally I receive the air I need to grow and blossom. As I expand my design becomes apparent as I expand my shape grows and I grow into what I was meant to be.

Delicious decadent beautiful air that expands my joyfulness increases my size I can feel the happiness inside. Not too much or I might explode! Just enough to help me bounce and fly. This is my life this is me I am a balloon play with me.

I know that we tend to look alike so many of us cut with the same thoughts in the creators mind. But I am a individual balloon traveling wiith my relatives.

Thank you so much for giving me life! I have been tied off so that I stay full of the air within me. You have added a beautiful ribbon, it feels amazing. I feel so bright and alive, I am a balloon. I feel your happiness as I become a part of your party as you decide where I should be placed as one of your decorations.


The monster


Will anyone survive


So many people reaching up to touch my string, so many comments on how great I look. Well, not just me but all my relatives up above your heads. The people think we are floating here but we have been taped in place, we hold our spot each of us to be admired for the balloon that we are.

What is this that is happening now, the people are leaving and the celebration grows quiet. How could this be the time seems so short is that all there is? Now darkness, I am here with the others in the quiet and dark. No more party, no more admirers how can this be?. Perhaps later I will be admired again by the one who gave me air, perhaps I will continue to bring joy and happiness in their life.

They are back with the light, I can see them looking at me, enjoying my presence once again, so great to be this balloon that I am.

WAIT! STOP! What are they doing? "Noooooo nooooooo noooooo!" They are ripping us from the ceiling tearing us down, throwing us towards that monster with the sharp object. I am shouting "Help! Help!" Have I been heard? The one who gave me air is smiling at me, the monster is telling her to take me home. "Please do please please!"

Oh no! I hear a third voice saying "No." to me going home with the smiling one.

Oh the carnage, my relatives are dying, why cant they just untie us, why must we be destroyed never to be used again?

So many have died


I can hide


I can run, I can hide. I found a spot here behind this object, I hope I am safe here as the murderous destruction continues. Please dont see me. Oh no! This is not a good place to hide, they have seen me here, I must run again for I want to live.



I will make it, I have air, I can move.


I see them see me here, shinning bright in the light. Am I not beautiful? I can live here, you can let me live on. I can help you remember your happiness of your party, I can bring up your memories of that special night. Leave me here, down here I am out of your way but you can look at me and be happy.

I feel the monster looking, I can feel the monster thinking. Oh no! He is heading down the stairs with the sharp death object. I am picked up, "Please please feel my desire to live!" Suddenly I feel him change back to the person who hung me to the ceiling with such joy and care. He lets me go, he smiles and says "You can stay."

I LIVE ON! I am balloon.