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The Angry Dog and the Master

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That dog hates everyone.

The Master often walked in the village's new monastery. Walk through the village, quietly listening to the world around her. It was her time of quiet reflection. She would think about the day that had been. She would think about the day that would be. At the end of the village, there was a single house. It was not a big house. And it had a big fenced front yard. All over the fence, some signs said to beware of dog. The Master heard the dogs barking at everyone that walked by the house. The postal worker who delivered the mail stopped one day. He told her that he moved the mailbox away from the fence. He was afraid of the dog. Every time the Master walked by, the dog didn't bark; instead, he ran to the fence and licked the hand of the Master to the fence. After many weeks, the dog would see the Master and run to the fence. One day, as the Master patted the dog on the head, the front door opened, and a man walked out a little into the yard.

My dog hates everyone. The owner said. Why does my dog like you?

Master smiled and thought for a moment; I don't know what the Master said. Fracture dogs not fear me because I was small, the Master said. The Master stood only 5 foot 2, and few if any would call her imposing.

The man stopped for a moment and then said he part of everyone that walks by except you. With that, the man turned around and walked back into the house. The Master patted the dog in the head and continued to walk.

The man did not come out again. The Master walked every day, and every day, the dog ran to the fence, licked her hands, and patted his head. The Master often pondered why the dog did not fear me. It was a topic after the conversation of her reflection for many days. Finally, the Master went and sat with the oldest Master in the monastery. They sat and tried to eat, conversing about the students, speaking about the school. They talked about the beauty of nature and the wonder of the world they were in. Finally, the Master looked at the old Master and said I have a great question for you.

The old Master smiled, his smile missing a couple of teeth, and said certainly. They had been that the monastery for many years and the other masters often asked him questions, for she was the oldest Master.

Do you know the dog the Master asked at the end of the street in the house with the fence?

Yes, the old Master said; I walked by the house office. The dog scares me. It barks and lunges seem to want to kill me.

Each time I walk by the house, the Master said the dog runs to me. It looks my hand offered me the years to scratch and patted his head. I don't understand the Master finished.


But the dog always run to warmly greet the master.

Each time I walk by the house, the Master said the dog runs to me. It looks my hand offered me the years to scratch and patted his head. I don't understand the Master finished.

The Master pondered for a moment, deep in thought. Finally, the old Master said, this is not a question for a quick answer, nor is this a question with an easy solution. Let me ponder this come back tomorrow, and we will talk.

The Master left the presence of the old Master and smiled. The burden of her reflection was off her shoulders. For a time, she could ponder other things that were important to her. She went into the evening and enjoyed dinner set with students and talked about life. The next day arrived. It was a cold day. The Master took a walk, went by her friend the dog, and return to the monastery. She walked to the common room with the old Master was sitting.

Your Master smiled when he saw her and motioned for her to come to sit by him. As the Master sat down, the old Master began to speak. I have pondered your question. The old Master said. I spoke with the owner of the dog, the old Master said. He told me that the dog barks at all except you. I held that in my heart is a reflection, the old Master said. Dogs are interesting creatures, the old Master said. They live both in the human world and the animal world at the same time. A dog quickly measures the heart of an approaching human. Determining the action it has to take. It seems to me through my reflection that this dog is very angry. Anger manifests itself in animals and people. In this case, the animal sees something in your heart that is bigger than you. The dog sees the heart that will not hurt him. Thank you, sister, for giving me this reflection. Perhaps this dog should be the test for all masters, myself included. Is your heart big enough that an angry dog could see? I know now that I must work on my own heart to quell the dog's anger within me. Thank you, sister, for such a glorious reflection. The old Master stopped. He smiled with a smile missing teeth.

The Master smiled and said, thank you to someone. She rose and walked across the room, pondering what it meant to have a heart bigger than you. She had something to consider for many a reflection now. Like all of the monasteries, she worked hard to polish and grow her heart. She had succeeded but now had to find the path to teach others in the same period. Every day after that, she would bring her students to the fence with the angry dog lived. Every day the dog would plunge and bark at the students. Every day the Master would say, let the dog see your heart. Let the dog know that your heart is bigger than you.

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