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The Wrong Date: Be Careful About Who You Date After Meeting Them Online


" Hello beautiful baby. Meet me at Hilton Hotel. At exactly 11: 30 am. I'll be there. "

The last statement that he made when he was on call made my eyebrows to raise. That had been my dream restaurant. To think about going to that exclusive place was a golden chance.

" I have to dress to my best. That is a classy place for people with class. And I, belong to that." I said to myself. Looking at my beautiful reflection in the mirror. I loved how his deep voice vibrated whenever he made a call and referered to me as " my beautiful queen."

I got ready and made sure that I had my perfect dress code. It was a red dress. Long and sexy on the bare back. I couldn't afford a taxi. I feared mentioning to him that I needed one. Being a classy lady who liked being independent.

I headed to the train station boarding the bus heading to town. A bus conductor, stopped the bus to allow me get in the bus. As I sat, all the stares turned to me. As if they all knew that I was going on a date with a man that I had just met on Facebook. Yes, who doesn't date especially when the guy is hot smoking fire? Ofcouse. He was cute and had a deep beautiful voice.

When I got to town, I rang him once again. This time, He sounded so excited. " My beautiful queen. Just come straight to Hilton Hotel. I'll be waiting for you. Am sorry to say that my phone is about to go off. Should you find me off the line, don't worry, you already know our meeting place. Wait for me there my beautiful queen."

I headed straight to Hilton hotel. My heart pumped so loud that the people walking past me could hear it. I don't know whether it was for meeting him for the first time or, for fear of what he would think of me when he saw me for the first time. I wanted to impress. That was a good looking guy. Fine like a public figure Duane Stephenson. I imagined of him coming out of his limo, ready to receive me.

Not willing to stand idle like a statue infront of the hotel, I decided to walk in and sit in the the hotel. The place looked so beautiful Iike paradise. The waitress smiled ushering me in.

" This is a rich bombshell. I am not going to let him go." I said to myself. I even imagined of going on vacations to Paris,Dubai, Santorini in Greece and any beautiful city of choice with him.

The Embarrassment

Not being one to wait for a man to call, I decided to call him. As I held my phone on my ears, a tall dark and handsome man walked in. He looked so cute. My smile broadened . He answered the call and boom! That voice, it had power over me. I couldn't feel my knees. " Hello, my beautiful queen, have you arrived yet? "

" Yes darling ." I answered looking at the tall man who smiled back at me on realizing that I was staring at him..

" I can't see you my darling " I noticed that the tall and handsome man wasn't whom I hoped for.

"Oh, I am right here. Inside the hotel.Table number five. Turn left on your main entrance. I am putting on a red dress." I replied feeling excited and tensed as I went through the hotel menu.

"Who told you to get inside the hotel?" His tonal voice suddenly changed from the deep sexy voice to a rough one. I looked at my phone to confirm the real caller. It was still his number reading, " cute voice calling ." I had saved the name as cute voice instead of his real name Jack.

"Finish going through the menu and meet me outside! I said that you meet me at Hilton. I did not tell you to get in!" He shouted. I tried to look outside through the transparent window. I saw a man standing outside. Short and dark in complexion. His gestures communicated who he was. Even if I had never seen him, my senses were right. My hurt skipped a bit. He was dressed in a white T shirt and blue baggy jeans.

The waiter walked towards my table and requested to serve with my choice from the menu. I answered softly,

" A glass of water please. "

He looked at me frowning his forehead. Maybe, He couldn't understand why such a beautiful lady would sit for an hour waiting in the hotel without ordering for anything, let alone a soft drink. I felt ashamed. I walked out of the hotel as he went to get me drinking water. It felt so embarrassing.

Jack tried to stop me. He looked so different. I didn't want to see him. As I rushed passed him, the worst happened. I had a heel slippage on one of the shoes. You can imagine how I walked from the hotel on such shoes. I wished that I never turned up for the date for someone I met on Facebook.

© 2020 Millicent Okello

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