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The Writer's Block - a Short Story


The night was cold. The laptop laid open on the table. That half-finished coffee, partly solved su-do-ku were lying on the table as well. Ivan was sitting, staring at the laptop screen, hands on keyboard but unable to write. Too many thoughts flowing in his mind. It has been more than 4 hours and he has written only one sentence. “The stories are not written but are experienced by the readers in their minds”. He is unable to make progress after this sentence which he wrote about a month ago. He took a break and tried to solve the rubik’s cube.

Ivan suddenly realised the room has been colder. He gets up from the chair and closes the open window which gave way the chilly air inside the room. He held the cup to drink some coffee but the coffee was cold. Ivan pours a cup of coffee from the kitchen and returns to his laptop. He takes a sip and prepares to start writing again. He then discovers something strange on the laptop screen. It was message written just below the line he had written. “Hello Ivan”

Ivan slowly pulled the chair with utter disbelief and sat on it to look at his laptop screen. He is unable to understand, how this is possible. He is alone in the room and still who wrote this on his laptop. Then suddenly another line showed up. “Why are you not writing ?” Terrified and shocked Ivan placed his hand on the keyboard and started typing “Who are you and how are you typing the messages ? Is my computer hacked ?” Then the next line came up “Relax Ivan. Don’t be afraid. You know me very well but we have never exchanged words. So I thought of saying a hello to you.” Ivan was wondering who could it be and how is it typing in my computer. Then again the screen read, I will explain everything Ivan. Grab your coffee and let us have a conversation”

Ivan asked “Who are you ?” It answered – “ I am the Golden Charioteer, Ivan”

Ivan : How is this possible ? This cannot be.

Golden Charioteer : You only made this possible Ivan

Ivan : But how? You are not real.

Golden Charioteer : You made me capable of doing this. Don’t you remember ?

In a flash Ivan could remember. He had got this book form his grandfather. The Golden Charioteer. It was his Grandfather’s favourite book. When he was in his death bed, Ivan read the entire book for him. The day he finished the book, his grandfather breathed last. The character Golden Charioteer was so intriguing that it became his favourite too. He dreamed of writing a book similar to it. The Golden Charioteer made a great impression on his young mind. He thought once if he could just meet the Golden Charioteer once, then he could ask him about his adventures and take him to one of his adventures. That was just a child’s dream, he thought. Is it possible the character could be real.

Ivan’s train of thoughts was interrupted by another message on the laptop screen

Golden Charioteer: Did you remember Ivan ?

Ivan wrote; Yes

Golden Charioteer : I do remember our first encounter beside your grandfather’s death bed

Ivan : I am very much confused. How could you possibly know all this things ? How could be aware of yourself ? You are a mere character from a story which someone imagined.

Golden Charioteer : Your imagination is reality for me. I am very much real as you or your grandfather. I am real in your imagination, in each of those people’s imagination, who read it.

Ivan : Does this mean I am imagining all this ?

Golden Charioteer : That I cannot tell. I can only tell you that I am here because you wanted me to be here.

Ivan : I don’t remember asking your help.

Golden Charioteer : Do you still have the book ?

Ivan : Yes

Golden Charioteer : Open page number 132 and read the 14th line.

Ivan, looked for the book in the bookshelf and opened the page number 132 hurriedly. Then he navigated to line number 14th to seek out what the mysterious character wants him to read.

It read: I am the golden charioteer. I can fly you anywhere from the mountains of the Rous to the deserts of Thar, or from the bottom of the sea to the sky where clouds fly but you need to have faith in me. Your faith is the source of my flight. Don’t doubt and enjoy the flight.

Golden Charioteer : Did you understand anything Ivan ?

Ivan : No, I am confused. There are too many things going in my mind. I am not able to understand any of the things happening now.

Golden Charioteer : That is exactly what I wanted to say to you. When you want to do something, do for the love of doing the thing not for anything else. You are unable to write because you are thinking too much about the readers. What would they think, how would they react. Don’t bother about it. Just write because you love writing.

Ivan : I believe, you have a point. I am unable to write because I am thinking too much. I should allow myself to just write whatever I want.

Golden Charioteer : That is correct Ivan. My job is done. I have to bid farewell now. I will tell your Grandfather about what happened today. Good Bye Ivan. Happy Writing

Ivan : No no no no. Wait. How can you tell my Grandfather ? Is he with you ?




Ivan : Hello, are you there ?


Ivan woke up and looked around. The night was cold. The laptop laid open on the table. That half-finished coffee, partly solved su-do-ku were lying on the table as well. He looked at the laptop screen. The cursor was blinking at the end of the only sentence written. He could not believe what he just experienced. He thought it must be a dream. He woke up and looked the book stand. A book was lying open on the floor with its cover facing up. Ivan went to pick the book. He was surprised to see the book was the Golden Charioteer and the page opened was 132.

© 2018 naive scribbler

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