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The Worst Is yet to Come

Having many negative people surrounding me was one of the reasons I lost the motivation to take a leap forward thinking 'what's the point?'


A nine-year-old girl, struggling to keep up with what she is assigned in school. She stares past the girls who make fun of her for her weight and looks and is met by her teacher who states:

‘Darling, this shouldn't be an issue for you. Trust me. It is easy. You know, high-school is extremely stressful. The worst is yet to come.’

Seventeen-year-old teenager, who has many friends she barely likes. She muffles out their comments about how much weight she has lost and ignorance of her eating disorder. She is met by her mom, who tells her:

‘Sweetie, don't complain. It is very difficult to find people you can trust these days. Just remember: everyone can betray you. The worst is yet to come.’

Twenty-year-old woman. Her spirits are crushed by the overwhelming amount of work she has to do. Her passion for the future has disappeared and she cannot imagine having motivation. She is met by her older sister, who says

‘Baby, come on. Have some fun. Jobs,marriage and kids are very stressful and reality is very harsh. Just push through this period, because the worst is yet to come.’

Twenty five-year-old woman who has given up on the abstract idea of happiness. She no longer tries to do anything of use, afraid of people's criticism and lack of support. She hangs her purple shawl from the ceiling lamp and steps on the stool., thinking:

What's the point? The worst is yet to come.

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