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The Wind's Direction-a Short Story

The Wind's direction-A short story

The king of a country was very kind and God-fearing. All the subjects were happy with him. After completing his state duties, he spent most of his time with his queen and only daughter. The kings of the surrounding states also respected him and kept peace. Time passed and the king's daughter grew up. Now she was twenty years old.

Many princes were obsessed with the beauty of the princess, but the king did not answer yes to any of them. The king's minister also wanted the princess to be the daughter-in-law of a powerful state so that the power of his country could be increased and no country could ever look down on them. This was the principle of the states of that time. The king also thought about his daughter's future, but he wanted to make whatever decision about his daughter as a father and not as a king.

One night the queen asked the king what he thought of his daughter. The king told her that the situation was not the same as before and that whatever he decided would be for the betterment of his child.

A few days later, the minister told the king that he had received news that some of the surrounding states were conspiring to invade his country. The king sent his spies to those states to investigate the situation. The news brought by the spies added to the king's anxiety.

The king could not compete with so many states at once. The minister advised him to marry the princess to the prince of a strong state so that he could stand by them in times of trouble. But the king knew that no state would dare to side with him because all the surrounding states intended something else. He knew of the large number of traitors in his own palace. The king wanted to save his only daughter from the impending danger.

One day he announced that he would marry his daughter to someone who could answer his one question. His question was "What is the direction of the wind?"

The princess and queen were astonished at the king's question. They did not even think that the king could talk such nonsense. In these circumstances, everyone thought that the king had gone mad. They tried hard to convince the king, but the king stood his ground. The princess also wondered why her father asked such a strange question for her marriage. But she remained silent.

A day was set for a response and word spread throughout the country. A large number of people gathered on the appointed day. Most people came to enjoy.

Many people gave different answers to the king but the king rejected their answer. Many scholars and many nobles came to answer this question but all of them were wrong in the eyes of the king. Many ministers even tried but their response was also rejected.

Everyone wondered what the king wanted to hear. Many people believed that the king went mad for fear of attack.

A farmer from a remote part of the country was there in the capital. When he heard that the king had decided to marry his daughter to a man who could answer his question, he too went to the palace. The king repeated his question when it was his turn, and the farmer requested that he wanted to come closer to the king to give his answer. He was allowed. The farmer approached the king and whispered in his ear. The king’s face was beamed to hear the answer. The king announced that he would marry his only daughter to this farmer.

Everyone was amazed at the response of an illiterate ignoramus that the king had announced to marry his only daughter to this farmer.

But no one dared to speak before the king's decision. The date of the wedding was announced and with great fanfare the princess was sent away with the farmer. When the princess arrived in the farmer's village, she was saddened to learn that her husband was a poor man.

The princess had full confidence in her father's decision, so she remained silent. The farmer took great care of the princess according to his status. Time passed. It was about to be a year, but the princess's condition was not changing. Sometimes she thought that many princes wanted to marry her, but why did her father chose a poor farmer for her?

The year was drawing to a close when the king of the neighboring country invaded the king's land. Everything was ruined. The king somehow managed to escape with his queen. The soldiers of the victorious king were looking for the king like hounds. But no one knew anything about the king.

On the other hand, the financial condition of the farmer also deteriorated considerably. Due to the lack of rain, the whole crop was ruined. The farmer had to do some other work to run the house. The farmer didn't tell the princess long enough what his new job was. One day when the princess went to the village bazaar to buy goods, she saw her husband repairing other people's shoes. This was a very embarrassing thing for the princess. She returned home angry. When the farmer returned home that evening,, the princess started arguing with him and told him that she was the daughter of the king of this country who was married to a farmer but she did not say anything but it was a great shame for her that her husband had been sewing people's shoes. She told the farmer that she could no longer live with him and was going back to her father. The farmer tried hard to stop the princess but the princess stuck to her decision.

At last, the farmer agreed to send the princess to her father. The farmer arranged a ride for her and the princess left the farmer unaware of her father's condition and headed for the capital. On the way from the village, the princess saw a crowd. Maybe someone was showing feats. Passing by, the princess saw that the performer was her father and her mother was dancing in front of the people and collecting money.

The princess was shocked. She told the driver to go back and went straight to her husband's house.

The princess entered the house, hugged the farmer, cried and apologized. The princess swore to the farmer that she would never leave him.

The princess told the farmer all about the incident at which the farmer brought the princess's parents to his house. They gave them good and clean clothes and food. The king thanked God that they were safe.

After few days, the king told his daughter that his question "What is the direction of the wind?" was not meaningless. He knew what was going to happen to him so, he made this question a condition for the princess's marriage. The princess asked her father the meaning of the question as it seemed abrupt. The king told that this meant that if luck left you, what would you do? I liked your husband's answer the most and he said only one thing to my ear. He said, “The wind is blowing in the direction of the water." This meant that no matter how bad the situation was, we should continue to make our way like water for the happiness of our love ones.

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