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The Wind Chimes Echoing Beautifully

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Loving The Morning So Much

Up a little earlier than usual

Eating breakfast slowly

Tasting my food not just eat and swallow

Listening to my wife talk about stories on Facebook

So many incredibly funny cartoons and sayings

If I go on Feacebook I know I would get nothing done

There are so many interesting things to read and see

It would be almost impossible to tear myself away

I know how easily I get side tracked

It 's like sitting down in front of the t.v.

I could watch movie after movie

Sitcom after sitcom

It never ends

I would rather concentrate most of my efforts on writing

It takes time

The right combination of physical and mental energy

Life connects at so many spots

Sometimes rotaries and major intersections

Other times little winding corners and dead end streets

Where we have reverse direction and begin again

I reach hills that are steep and awesome when going down

My journey is not a day trip

It is day after day

The weeks that follow

The years that repeat

Off to one more day

With a good start

Uplifting moments that lead to a new positive place

Where I have never been before

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