The White Stone

Updated on October 9, 2017
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Israel is a fan of many types of music and loves to write, not in any particular order and does them usually at the same time.

He walked slowly into the cave glad to be out of the heavy rain, carefully taking steps as to not make so much as a sound, who knows what could be taking refuge in this cave. The 30 day and counting storm that covered nearly two states was wreaking havoc on the valley cities and they had become emergency disaster areas but so far the mountain towns weren't affected as much. It was still miserable but they were grateful for the higher elevation.

A glow illuminated the wall in front of him coming from beyond a turn in the cave. The map said it would be here. Did he really find the place? He bought the map from a street peddler after spending months acquiring information on where this place would be and who would have such a map. It seems that his efforts were not in vain.

He stopped as he stared at the light for a moment, captivated by its smooth shimmering dance on the smooth rocky wall. Why was the wall so smooth? Focus, he wasn't here for that. A question for another time. He continued to step forward cautiously rounding the corner. In all its beauty, hovering a foot above a four foot pedestal naturally occurring from the earth itself, a spherical stone shining brightly.

A warmth took over his body, calming and soothing. Still, He walked slowly towards the round stone but not as nearly as careful as before. Could the legends be actually true? Seven stones, seven continents, seven heart breaks, seven desolations, seven chosen ones to save them all?

The legends must be true, for legend says, “Stones will only appear for those chosen for the designated attribute to bring harmony to the world in its darkest days....”. He couldn't believe that he was one of the seven put here in this world to help save them. If only his parents were alive to see what he is to become, but then at the very moment he realized they were two of his seven personal heartbreaks. For a moment he was overcome with grief and deep sadness. In the midst of all that pain he had found strength, love and his true self. Searching for answers ever since. Perhaps he had finally found them.

He stopped an arms length away from the stone. It rose to nearly his chest. He could feel the energy pulsating from it and coursing through his body and he was of clear mind. He reached out and touched the stone with the tip of his pointer finger.

The world around materialized to a blackness. Surprisingly, he was not scared but full of wonderment. He looked around as stars, suns, comets, galaxies and other phenomena that he could not explain started to materialize. They moved about lazily around him. He was startled by the break in the silence as a voice in a calm manner said, “I see the world is in danger if you are here and that you my friend have seen much pain in your time.”

The voice explained to him that it is a great honor to be chosen but that the chosen one for any of the stones must still prove they are worthy of such powers and will be tested as such through some trials. The White Stone, or Stone of Light is an object of love and good will with healing powers. If the stone is used for other than those purposes seven times then the chosen one of the stone will lose its powers and the stone.

He asked about the trials and what they would be. The voice responded by only saying that he would know. “Do not worry my Lightbringer, I will be watching always.”, the voice said. That seemed to settle him.

He asked what he should do next and the voice told him to leave from this place and go out into the world. The voice went on to say that he was the first chosen one to be revealed. As light brings all things together so would he bring the others together.

The starry world around him materialized back to the cave. He looked down and was still touching the stone when it slowly seeped into his finger and felt the power of the stone take over his body and inner being. The stone was a part of him now. Well as long as he didn't use his powers other than what they were intended for.

He was about to exit the cave, when the voice spoke to him inside his head. “Be wary of the dark forces, for they will come to you as not as you expect.” With that weighing on his mind and other things that he needed to process, he put on his hood and stepped out into the rain.

© 2017 Israel Mercado


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    • IsraelMercado profile image

      Israel Mercado 5 months ago

      Thank you!

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      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      A fascinating story. Love the photos.