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The Wedding and the Angels: Short Story - A Soulful Offering to Lana Adler

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


About the Story

This story has been written as a wedding gift for a beloved couple, Rose and George, who appear with their names in the story. I love them both so much, and their newborn angel, little princess Helen, even more! They are family to me.

The idea formed in my mind while I was reading Lana's beautiful article "10 Angel Messages You Might Be Missing." Then I wrote a comment thanking her for the inspiration, and I promised her a radical story with angels. I really admire her work and I hope that I've kept my promise. Let's see, let's see...

The Story Begins

The marriage ceremony had begun a few minutes ago. Everything was wonderful. There was not a lot of wedding guests, but the little Orthodox Christian church was almost full of smiling people. You could see the joy in their faces for their participation in this marriage. The light, the aromas and the warm atmosphere echoed days of Spring although it was Autumn. The whole scene had something from the Greek Easter feast, and it was probably due to the presence of Avalim, who was taking care of the best mood for everyone.

Rose and George were standing in front of the priest who was reading the holy words. They were happy, but they felt a little anxious at the same time as they were the central figures in this "play". They felt everybody's eyes on them, and it was a heavy burden for two people who they had not realized yet what was really happening.

They were both trying to concentrate on the priest's words, but their thoughts were flying away all the time. The images that were passing quickly in front of their mind's eye were making the effort of concentration very difficult. Pictures of all those that had happened and led to today's grand event. Questions about the rightness of the decisions mixed with thoughts of joy and worries about what is next!

Avalim felt their anxiety. He approached and put his hands on their shoulders. He began to absorb all the negative energy from them while at the same time he was filling them with positive thoughts. Suddenly, images of a beautiful future formed to both their minds. Unconsciously they turned their heads, looked at each other's eyes and smiled as if they agreed with each other's thoughts. Then they turned back to the priest's words with the smile still on the lips and full concentration.



As in every significant event in human's lives, so and at this marriage, there were representatives of all levels, spiritual, and others. All these representatives are invisible to the human's earthly level (except for a few specific cases), but they can affect in their own different way, less or more, our events, situations and lives. In this marriage, most representatives were mere observers. But one had a very severe and intense activity. This one was Avalim.

Avalim was a new archangel, and this was his first personal mission. Until now, in all the events he had been involved, he was an attendant or an assistant. Now, for the first time, he was in charge of such an important event as the marriage of two humans. He was trying to honour the choice of his superiors, contributing to the accomplishment of a blessed marriage. So he was in a constant oversight of the conditions and based on them, he was guiding his own assistants, the angels who accompanied him, in order to be everything ideal. The assistant angels, in their turn, were instructing the guardian angels of the people in the church- as we know every human has at least one guardian angel always by his or her side - to create an atmosphere of positive energy that would embrace the couple.

So far they had been doing it well because you could see most of the people in the church smiling and sending love and positive energy to Rose and George.

Avalim was worrying for one thing only. He had not yet seen the representative of the Dark Powers. He was sure there would be a high-ranking dark angel. Always, in all the events that Avalim had been involved so far, there were dark angels too. He had been prepared for it. He had asked the Graceful Brother Michael for guidance on how he would be prepared, in the best way, to protect this marriage from the dark actions of this adversary. And Michael, with his love, had advised him well.

Of course, he had the anxiety of the novice. His secret hope was to face an equivalent "beginner" opponent. Now that he did not see anyone from the dark side, he did not know whether he should be happy or worried. He was trying to coordinate all parameters in the best way so that to be prepared for everything. He had a faint hope that as no one had yet appeared, while the sacrament was almost in the middle, he might be so lucky to coordinate a special wedding, one of the few human marriages that would have recorded in history because they had been taken place without a representative of the dark side. He had heard that it had happened a few times, minimum times, but there were some references. This gave him hope.

When he managed to calm Rose and George out of their worries and saw them smile at each other, he felt a little more confident in himself. But when he turned to continue the task of coordinating the angels, his immaterial heart froze for a moment. It froze when he saw who was getting pranced and proud in the church. He was sure now that it could not have happened anything worse for his first mission.



Belphegor belonged to the "old guard", too old. In fact, there was not older, since he was one of the first to follow the Grand Master when he chose to play the role of "opposite pole" in the Great Plan of the Creator. He had taken part as a representative of the dark side in so many events that he had missed counting centuries ago. He had incredible success rates. Only in the marriages of humans, more than eighty per cent of those he had undertaken had ended up in divorce, and not at all in a beautiful way. In some of these cases, the couples had broken up before even leave the church.

Having this background, it was reasonable to have equivalent confidence. He did not consider it essential to be present from the start of this marriage for which he was responsible. Moreover, he loved to make a distinctive impression. He liked to appear while the event was already in progress and completely changing the conditions. Unfortunately for the people, in the vast majority of cases, he was changing the conditions for his interest. When he saw Avalim's gaze, he realized that he had already achieved his purpose.

The truth is that he felt a little annoyed when he saw that they had sent a rookie to face him. He always wanted to have worthy opponents so that he can enjoy his victory. Besides, his triumphs over really powerful archangels had skyrocketed his reputation in the spiritual world, and they had made him one of the Guardians of the Dark Throne, one of the highest distinctions he could have. Deep in his angelical heart, he even felt a little bit of sad that he would have to "crush" a young archangel for whom he had heard excellent words. But that was his role and as always he had to be relentless, terrible and really bad.

So, he walked proudly to the sanctuary, with his demonic head high. The angels were obviously affected by his presence. He passed beside Avalim making a small bow of greeting while the new archangel was looking at him, motionless like frozen. He continued, passing far enough from the couple. He did not yet want to influence them. He would deal, exclusively, with them shortly. So he headed for the sanctuary. Before reaching there, he expressed his sincere respect with a deep bow in front of the Byzantine icon of Jesus and then another in front of that of Jesus' Mother. After that, he fixed his attention to the priest. He approached him from the right side and started whispering some words in his ear. The priest seemed to lose his words for a moment and he looked around, feeling kind of awkward, but he continued to read the Holy Words.

Belphegor smiled and was ready to continue. At that moment, however, he felt something strange, something that had not experienced for aeons! He felt something similar to what we humans call "it gives me the creeps", caused by the suspicion that something scary would happen. You know this fear that behind the dark corner something threatening will appear. When, of course, we speak of a chief demon, we must reverse the logic of what is horrific, but something equivalent, for his standards, has caused him a great deal of concern. He tried to trace the source of his anxiety by moving his attention away from the priest for a while, sensing the space around him. Suddenly he noticed that the cause of his upset was at the body of the bride. In fact, it was inside the body of the bride. He approached her a little more to make it clear, and then it was the turn of his own intangible heart to freeze.


The Seed of Light

Belphegor sought, disappointed and obviously annoyed, Avalim who had returned to the angels among the people, trying to calm them out of the shock that had been caused by the presence of the demon. The new archangel had just managed to put angels in order, and then he saw them being anxious again. He turned and saw Belphegor approaching hurriedly. He decided that he had to act. He would not let any fear spoil his attempt to bless this marriage. So he moved towards the dark angel, ready for everything. But before he said or did anything, he was stopped by the words of Belphegor:

"There is one of yours in the bride's belly! I cannot face-off something so pure! I do not interfere. This ceremony is yours. I am leaving."

He bowed and went out of the church - not as haughty as he had come in, the truth is - in order to gather his demons and leave.

The astonished Avalim turned to Rose, approached her, and then for the first time he realized the embryo in her womb. His angelical heart filled with joy and praised the Lord because he saw a little angel to radiate a beautiful Light and to smile!

© 2018 Ioannis Arvanitis

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