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The Unwanted Villain

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Pic: The Villain

Pic: The Villain

The girl was praying her night prayers before retiring to sleep. Peeping through the closed glass window was him watching.

He was the Villain of her life. About a year ago, he had come across her at his friend’s birthday party. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. But Yasmin didn’t show much interest in him. Nevertheless, he proposed to her through his friend. But the girl, Yasmin rejected him, thinking not to be her standard and wished to remain undisturbed.

Pic: Yasmin Near Her Home

Pic: Yasmin Near Her Home

Yasmin broke ties with his friend to be away from him. He couldn't communicate with her through his friend any longer and so split ties with him as well. His only interest remained in Yasmin.

He would always roam near about her home, hitting upon ideas and plans about how to hurt her. He couldn't accept that Yasmin dismissed him.

From the depth of sorrow, he would smoke excessively and get drunk.

He remained like that until he came back to his senses and formed further ideas and plans to destroy her peace of mind.

But it was a protected and secured place where Yasmin lived. And the Villain couldn't succeed in his evil plans.

The girl remained pious and true to God. She worked online from the comfort of her home. Gradually she earned a name for herself in the online community, which the Villain couldn't stand.

Pic: Yasmin Praying

Pic: Yasmin Praying

His question to God, ”How come she gets all the good name? I also deserve some of it!”

Well, Yasmin worked hard and loyally and believed in herself and God and therefore, her success.

The Villain, he had become, didn’t believe in himself, hardly prayed to God or recited the Holy Book. How would God reward him?

He too wanted to have a good name like Yasmin but God denied him. And therefore, he chose to be eviler.

He started to disturb her online and offline in every way he could. Yasmin hated him more than ever and didn’t want to have anything with him.

She wanted to lead an independent life. But the Villain entwined more with her, neglecting her wishes. He put her in a trap, which she believed only God could save and free her. She was in anticipation of that day.

Meanwhile, the Villain had lost his life many times and rebirthed and came to life many times.

Yasmin wondered how it was possible and how God let it happen. It really would have been good for her if he lost his life for good.

But God continued to rebirth him to struggle on, and he continued to pester her. The girl, on the other hand, persevered and went about doing the stuff she loved. God was Merciful to her but kept the Villain alive.

Yasmin continued to believe in herself. One day she would have everything in her way and continued to pray to God every day. She knew there were times God tested her. But she kept her faith in herself and God.

The Villain, on the other hand, lost his original features and was more like a phantom now, having lost his life and rebirthed several times.

Pic: The Villain Transformed into a Phantom

Pic: The Villain Transformed into a Phantom

Yasmin hadn't seen him for a long time, but he was in her vicinity wherever she went. She couldn't recognize him anyway. Now that the Villain was a phantom, he had become ghostly and could remain invisible whenever he wanted.

The area she lived in knew her problem. Although they couldn't free her from him, they took every precaution to keep her safe and secure.

They tried to bribe him with wealth and cash and forced him to leave her for good. But the villain was too adamant. He also wanted Yasmin. It was not obvious to everyone that he had lost his sanity as well.

Under these circumstances, no solution could be sought for Yasmin’s problem. But her region admired her for the person she was, and her sacredness was commended all the time.

The local people and Yasmin together believed the Villain would be defeated one day and would be lost from this world.

They believed, “The devil doesn’t stay overpowered for long, and the good will continue to survive and thrive.”

You, the reader may be wondering by now who the Villain is and where he exists.

Well, I remain near her home and watch over her 24/7. And I am the unwanted Villain.

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