The Unforgettable Truth

Updated on December 4, 2016

Gazing at the moon behind the clouds with darkness floating,
Lies the hidden mystery of life vandalizing,
Entwined with the torment feel and dreams shattered,
And remnant breathe futile and tattered.

Down the lane across the streams, haunts me day and night,
It’s like everything is wrong, when nothing is right,
The music once soothing to me have gone grave,
Nothing is left now, to think about and crave.

Like the desolated dreary land of emptiness,
No hope lies behind to quench my thirst and loneliness,
Ought to drift memories that aren’t meaningful,
Eagerly awaiting a miracle from void to something fruitful.

Hark! Someone knocked the door to my heart,
Like a shadow that won’t ever depart,
With a solemn promise to give life a special meaning,
Unfolding my broken dreams into a new beginning.

Fragrance of love spread, soul quivered,
Flame of passion rushed, heart throbbed,
My broken heart was mend, added a rhythm to life,
Eased my mind that went insane with an endless strife.

The dream entrenched and longed for, now paved a new way,
The bliss moment came across, worries at bay,
The golden hour, from dusk to dawn, time flew,
With the chill breeze embracing as it blew.

The summer morn shining, enchanting with glory,
The chirping birds and the skylark soaring high,
The lilies and daffodils blooming in the daylight,
The river of joy flowing with all its might.

And now you are there forever and ever
Towards the journey to the destiny, through life’s endeavor
Bestowed upon us, the showers of miracle,
As you will always be engraved in my heart.

© 2016 Sheez J


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    • Sheeja Joseph profile image

      Sheez J 15 months ago

      @lifegate :thnku

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 15 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Nice work!

    • Sheeja Joseph profile image

      Sheez J 15 months ago

      @shprd74 :thnku

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 15 months ago from Bangalore


      - hari