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The Unfaithful Queen

There lived a king in our village. He was called King Ede. He was a rich king, who married many wives, and had many slaves that worked on his farm.

Ede had a wife called Ogo. She was the youngest of all the king's wives. She was married at the age of 25 when the King was 70.


Though, Ogo had never wanted to marry King Ede when he sought her hand in marriage, but due to pressure from her parents and relations, she was forced to consent to the King's quest.

Being the youngest and strongest of the King's wives, Ogo was made to take charge of all material wealth of the King, including tax collection and farm produce.

Within five years of her marriage, she became extremely rich, and lifted her poor family to a royal standard.

Now that the King was aging and had no feeling for his wives again. Unlike other wives of the king who were also old and had no urge for their husband, Ogo was madly in need of a man who would keep her warm at night.

She sent Uju, her servant, to go round the village and look for a handsome man who could be good enough to have the queen in bed.

As an obedient servant, Uju left for the errand, without considering the gravity of the punishment, had the king found out.

She searched for a suitable man for Ogo, but couldn't see. She felt so bad for not fulfilling this assignment, but luckily for her, as she was going home, she sighted a good-looking man coming back from a stream.

She approached the man, whom she told that Ogo, the King's wife, wanted to see him in the palace.

At first, Ekene wasn't willing to honour such a call. Though, he didn't know why the queen wanted to see him, he was aware of the implication of going close to the king's wives.

After much persuasion, Ekene agreed to follow Uju to the palace. When they got to the palace at night, he was secretly moved into Ogo's hut. Ogo was happy. She praised Uju for making the right choice for her.

The next morning, when Ekene wanted to leave, Ogo persuaded him not to, for she could not stay without her lover. This continued till Ekene spent ten days in the palace without the King knowing this.

When she finally agreed to let her lover go, she prepared a lot of gifts for Ekene, which ten maidens were made to convey to his residence.

Having spent two weeks with his parents, Ogo sent for Ekene again, but his parents could not let him go. They were afraid of what might be the fate of their son, had the King found out.

When Ogo waited and couldn't see Ekene, she decided to visit him. She promised his parents that nothing wrong would happen to their son.

She gave them a lot of presents and enticed them to release Ekene to her.

The palace guards were already on the alert, having been told about the erotic relationship between Ekene and the King's wife.

It was the maidens who accompanied Ekene to his house with some gifts that told the palace guards about this.

When the palace guards noticed that Ekene had sneaked into Ogo's hut, they hurriedly went to the King and told him.


Ekene was caught and tried according to our tradition, and was found guilty of sleeping with the King's wife, which was a capital offense.

He was bundled into the bush where he was tied up and his head cut off.

Ogo wasn't happy about this. She felt so bad and sorry for her lover. She mourned for one week without eating or drinking anything.

This angered the King. He ordered that Ogo and Uju be treated the same way Ekene was treated. They were taken to the bush, tied to a tree, and their heads chopped off with a cutlass.

So, they paid severely for their sins.

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