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The Tummy Ache Story

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The tummy ache story is a powerful lesson that parents can use to teach love and respect to children.


It was Sunday evening. Bek and Adny were visiting their grandparents. Dad was away at work. After the dinner was over, mummy told the boys to get ready. It was time to go back home. Adny and Bek were in a playful mood. They did not want to listen to mummy. It took her some time to coax them into wearing their shoes. When she saw that the kids were taking unusually long, she decided to cook up a story.

She said, "Grandmother thinks Bek can wear his shoes first. Grandfather thinks Adny will win."

The kids ran to compete.

What mummy did not realize was that Adny had to wear his slip-on shoes. Bek had to put his sports shoes on. Obviously, Adny won. Bek was upset that grandfather believed Adny would win. He had tears rolling down his eyes.

Bek, who is usually courteous, picked his shoe up and went towards grandfather. He stood in front of his grandfather, with the shoe held up in the air, howling, for about a minute. Mummy took the shoe gently from him.


She picked him up, hugged him, and asked him to calm down.

Bek asked for water. Adny ran and got water for his little brother. Bek drank some water and stopped crying.

They all said goodbyes. Adny and Bek gave hugs to their grandparents.

Right after they stepped away, mummy said to the kids, "Something wrong happened today. Trying to hit one's grandparents is bad behavior. We must apologize."

Bek looked at her with curious eyes. He asked, "Why?".

She said it shows disrespect.

"We must be thankful for the things God has given to us. You have very loving grandparents. This is a very precious gift from God that must be taken care of very well."

Bek turned to his mom and said his stomach was hurting. It probably was.

She said, "It is hurting because a mistake is like a bad monster. It is troubling you inside. You must say sorry to your grandfather. You will feel better after that.

A minute later, Bek was talking to grandfather.

He said, "I did not know trying to hit someone when one is angry is bad behavior. I know it now. I am sorry. I will not repeat this."

Grandfather said, "Bek, it is good that you know it now. As you grow up, you will learn many more things. Now, let me give you a hug for being good."

They hugged. As they walked back, Bek was silent. He was thinking about something. He said that the pain had still not gone. Mummy told him that bad feelings take time to go away. She picked him up and loved him. As he lay on the bed, she kept her hand on his tummy.

After some time, Bek said, "Mummy, the mistake monster has gone out of my tummy now." He smiled and slept peacefully.

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