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Why Ants are Party Animals

The Truth About Ants

After a lifetime of observing ants and their neurotic behavior, I have come to the conclusion that people do not understand the true nature of ants. Most people think that these tiny creatures live in ant hills. However, they really live in hippie colonies. These guys are party animals. How small they are and how much danger that puts them is why they are always in a neurosis and complete maniacs. They reproduce very quickly. This is why they developed into party animals and sex addicts. All they do is create other ants all the time and this is why they behave so aggressively to outsiders when living in their hippie communes.


They start invading homes and neighborhoods looking for food to devour while they take out their aggression on humans. The reason they do this is because due to their sex addiction issues they start having kids they cannot support. They also have drug and alcohol problems. So, if you leave your beer unattended they will probably get into it.

Ants are extremely emotional and wear their feelings on their sleeves, especially anger. Due to their extreme highly emotional and rage filled neurotic behavior, it is often dangerous to be around them. Trying to get them into group therapy can be very difficult. They tend to be prone to extreme violent outbursts which include biting. Obviously there is some deep regression to childhood due to their proclivity to neurotic behavior and aggressive tendencies.

So basically if you discover ants getting into your beer, invading your home, biting you, and acting like crazed Vikings going on a raid, realize that you are not alone. Psychotherapists and psychiatrists have not caught on to the idea that these ants need help. Society ignores the ants engaging in sex-crazed, neurotic, and aggressive behavior while living in hippie colonies.


These ants are in great need of intensive psychotherapy and rehabilitation due to their extreme emotional problems and proclivity to addictive behavior which causes danger to all of society. When the ants will strike next is largely unknown. They tend to invade homes, etc., with no warning before hand. They also bite and attack at will if anyone gets too close to their hippie commune or their stash of stolen beer and other things that they steal due to their problems. We must keep in mind that these ants somehow lost their way and they need immediate medical attention. So, if you see an ant colony (hippie commune) or are bitten by an ant, realize you are not alone. We are all facing this problem and we are looking for a solution.


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