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The Tree - A Short Story

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

The Tree

5 years old

I was playing outside with my older sister. Our backyard expanded into the forest so we had a lot of room to roam and go on adventures. My favorite was to pretend that the trees could speak to us and tell us our missions and give us clues.

One day I had to play alone because my sister was too sick. I wasn’t afraid though, nothing bad had ever happened before and I saw momma and daddy go on walks there all the time.

When I was out adventuring, the tree that Sis and I would always stop by first started to feel different. Like it was actually talking to me. I was excited. I thought that the tree was warming up to me and that Sis and my magic was working. Gleeful giggles poured from my mouth as I jumped up and down at the discovery.

The bag with my lunch slid from my tiny shoulders and fell into the dirt, giving me a wonderful idea. Rummaging through my lunch, I pulled out an apple. I took a single bite before laying the rest at the base of the tree. With the bite I took, it was like we had bonded and shared the apple. The magic from the tree grew and with it my childish joy. I skipped home to tell my family about my new friend and adventure.

10 years old

Sis wasn’t around to play anymore. She moved away for college, now into the real world. I was sad at first, but I had to remember that I wasn’t alone as long as I was in the forest. There were other friends that would stay by my side forever.

Mom and Dad worried about me. The kids at school had started to bully me because I talked about my forest friends and my adventures. They all said that it wasn’t real and that I was being childish for believing in it. So, I had drifted away from them.

My habit of giving the Tree apples hasn’t gone away, though it has been getting harder to do so. Mom and Dad, while also believing in the power of the forest, thought that I could accidentally go too far or do something that would get me hurt. I had no idea what they could be talking about, the Tree was my friend and I was gaining more friends in the forest as well.

I brought my school bag out into the forest and laid against the tree. The school gives out fruit with lunch so I sneak it in my bag and bring it out with me. I take a bite of the apple before giving it to the tree, like usual. Then I got comfortable and got started on my school work. When I struggle with a math problem, the trees whisper the answer to me.

15 years old

My school life was better. Once I got into high school, people seemed to forget about my stories of the forest. I stopped telling them, but that doesn’t mean that I no longer believe in them. My offerings have never stopped and the forest has continued to thrive all these years.

In fact, when I was 13 the city tried to have some of the trees cut down for telephone poles. When I found out I ran into the forest in tears, sharing my fears with the trees. Whenever the workers would try to enter with all their terrifying and loud tools, something would spook them and they would all run out. Those trees never got cut down.

Mom and Dad have been teaching me about ancient tree spirits and all sorts of mystical things. They didn’t want to do it but with my years of insisting on going to the forest with my offerings, they decided that it would be the best thing for me. That’s when I found out that what I was doing with the apples were considered offerings. This knowledge has helped further my connection with the forest and I had considered myself a guardian of it.

Even though I was now balancing my real-world life with my forest life, I still tried to spend as much time I could by the tree that started it all.

20 years old

I was so sad with my sister moving to college, and now I had done it was well. I was grateful that the college I got into was also surrounded by forest that I was able to gain a connection to. It wasn’t ever as deep as with the forest back home, but getting to know new trees and their stories was also important in my learning.

While in college I had made plans. I was going to graduate and then move into a house with plenty of trees nearby. I didn’t know exactly where then but I would know once the trees would call. I would become the guardian of my own forest and work with them every day. I would make money either by using my environmental science degree or by making a simple living with my hobbies. Maybe I would decide to become a teacher of working with the trees.

Online I had met friends that had shared my stories and ideas. We had joked around at the idea of making our own community and becoming neighbors and living the simple village witch life, but who knows, maybe that would become a reality.

© 2020 EL Doll

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