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The Tragedy of the Lily flower

The Sarcas I write of dreams I write of fantasies To worlds that doesn't exist I write of tragedies

「The tragedy of the Lily flower」

Once, along time ago there lived two lovers. The girl named Elizabeth was a princess of her land while the boy Edward was a farmer. They have known each other for a long time, often would Elizabeth sneak out of her castle and wander in a nearby farmland on which Edward live. They would often play and sing while they run around the farm, forgetting all their responsibilities for a while. As they continued to being like that, slowly they knew they were in love with the other.

One day, a tension with the neighboring kingdom arose and the country was in a brink of war. To break the tension, the king decided to give his daughter to marry the neighboring kingdom's prince. To ensure that war won't start, the neighboring king agreed on the matter. They signed an alliance, sealing off the fate of both countries. The king then told his daughter everything he did. Princess Elizabeth, knowing her duties, was broken hearted to hear this news. On that night, she sneaked to tell Edward this news, hearts broken, they decided to agree on the matter.

"If it's for this country's peace, then we should do as your father said." Said Edward with grief weighing his heart down.

They knew they loved each other, and so this news shattered their worlds.

"Eddy" called Elizabeth.


"Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong." Exclaimed Edward.

"No, sorry because I love you yet—"

"Lily, it's okay. I know and I'm happy that you felt the same way. But that is your duty, it's not just for you or for me but for everyone. And it's the right choice that you— it's the right choice for everyone's peace." Edward said before Elizabeth finish what she's saying.

That night, they sung songs before Elizabeth returned to her castle. With tears on each other's eyes, they bid farewell and vowed not to meet again so they can easily forget the other.

Days passed, the marriage was held in the castle. There was a great feast on Elizabeth's marriage, everyone in the kingdom rejoiced. Peace was restored in both kingdoms, but only for a short time.

One day, a news came from the castle. The king was poisoned, and Elizabeth was accused. It was ordered that she was to be beheaded in front of the public because of treason. When Edward heard this, it was his turn to sneak inside the palace. With the direction Elizabeth told him on how to sneak to and fro the castle, Edward found Elizabeth's passage between a breach on the castle walls. He quickly ran to meet Elizabeth, and he found her alone. Standing by the terrace, looking at the clouded night sky, breeze swaying her hair. In there, she cried.

"Lily" called Edward.

"Eddy?" said Elizabeth in shock.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Elizabeth.

"I came here to pick you, hurry, let's run away." Answered Edward while extending his hands to Elizabeth.

"Let's run away, I may not give you the life you deserve but I'll protect you no matter what. You'll live the life you deserve, so run away with me. Hurry before they catch you." Added Edward with tears on his worried face.

"Eddy, I won't run. If I run away, then I'll just prove that it was me who killed the king, you know I can't do such a thing. If capturing me and killing me in front of the public will give both countries peace, then this is not a sacrifice for myself, it's a sacrifice for everyone." Said Elizabeth.

"But Lily—"

"Eddy, it's alright." Elizabeth interrupted.

"Eddy" called Elizabeth

Edward stared at her. Crying as he looked into her eyes, heart broken, he hugged her.

"They can't—"

"Eddy, Sorry."

"Lily, no."

"I love you." Elizabeth said as she too started to cry.

As soon as she finished saying those words, the guards knocked on her door. Elizabeth hid Edward and opened the door. She was chained and was brought to the stage constructed for her execution. As she stood to face her executor, she turned to face the people and muttered:

"By sacrifice comes peace, and by peace I lay my life. If this would make peace in this country, even though I'm innocent, I gladly accept. To those people who knew me well, who loves me, and understands me the most. For peace!" She shouted.

Edward, watching from afar, couldn't help but cry over his Love's last words. As the executor raised his axe and swung it to Elizabeth's neck, removing it to the rest of his body. Elizabeth was dead.

After the execution, no one dared to get near Elizabeth's cold body and severed head. Fearing they would be accused of associating with someone who killed the king, they left her corpse lying until sundown. Seeing this, Edward came and fetched the body and burried it amidst his farm. He often visit it everyday, tending weeds surrounding her grave.

Until months passed, Edward noticed buds growing above the grave, he nurtured it until it was grown to a beautiful flower. And it was here that Edward, in memory of Elizabeth, called it 'Lily'.

In the name of her loving memory; to the love of his life. He and she rested in peace after that, together in their afterlife.

© 2020 The Sarcas

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