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The Time Traveler and the Immortal


The relationship between an immortal and a time traveler is complicated, to say the least. It waxes and wanes like the phases of the moon, coming and going at rates that are unfortunately a little more difficult to predict. One moment the time traveler would be there, the next they would be gone, swept up on an adventure in another point in time. One moment the immortal would be alone, then that would change after the sound of a much-awaited, familiar knock. The time traveler would need to be filled in on the time period they arrived in, having no way to control their ability or know when or where they had landed. The immortal would query about what part of the time traveler's timeline it was, how long the two of them had been together in their eyes. Both of them would wonder when the last time the other saw them was, their alternate timelines always holding an immense fascination between the two. Figuring out what had already happened in their relationship was just as much fun as adding to their story.

They met for the first time in the time traveler's timeline in 2030, but the immortal had already been in love for a thousand years. It was pure bliss to woo the time traveler again and to find out how their love began, and eventually their romantic history was an unbelievable experience for the both of them; the time traveler immediately felt the immortal was telling the truth and it spoke volumes for the strength of their connection. Once, the time traveler spent a year with the immortal, then traveled back to six months before that year only to disappear again four months later. That left only two months of time apart for the immortal and and an ironically hilarious timeline for the traveler. Other times, there would be years- decades even- in between the disappearances and reappearances of the time traveler in the immortal's life. There was never any way to predict or plan the way their lives would entwine, all they could do was make sure that it did.

It wasn't always easy to find each other though, there were just as any hilarious misadventures as there were purposeful ones. Like the time that they met during the declaration of World War One and ran into a young Adolf Hitler. The time traveler, knowing what would come in the future, was unable to resist the urge to step in his way. Fate, of course, wouldn't have it, and the two lovers found themselves locked in a Charlie Chaplin-esque comedy scene where every time they got close to Hitler, something would crash down and stop them. It was then that they found out that they could not interfere with destiny, Imagine finding out that every step that had already been set in stone really was set in stone. It lifted a weight off of the time traveler that they hadn't even known was sitting on their shoulder. It felt good to know that their traveling wouldn't alter time negatively.

Of course, that information would have been handy in 1905, which happened to have also occurred before World War One in the time traveler's timeline. Norway was set for receiving its first shipment of bananas when they landed, finding themselves in the middle of the road wearing clothing from the future. As surprised and dismayed as the traveler was, the navigators behind the banana carts were even more of both and ended up crashing, which of course was a fact the drivers chose to omit from their reports. They forgot about the mysteriously appearing figure as soon as their minds would allow them to, but it was something that the time traveler worried about until that day in 1914.

Their first date was in 1503 in Florence, Italy. The time traveler had just bleeped out of existence in the time period that they first met in, right before their first official scheduled date and had appeared again to find themselves over five hundred years prior. It was shocking, as it always is, but they shook it off. This wasn't the first time they had woken up or appeared in a new place. They were prepared. Even so, they were surprised when they ran into the immortal and even more surprised when this time, they were the only one with any idea that they had a connection. This time, it was their turn to orchestrate the moment and chase their chemistry. With images of being wooed by the immortal fresh in their mind, they searched for the date that they'd been unable to avoid missing over five hundred years in the future. They connected again in the home of an up and coming painter, trapped inside because of the sunlight. By the time the sunset faded and the color dispersed from the sky, making it dark enough for the immortal to safely travel outside, there was a painting of the time traveler completed. The immortal had said that now they would both live forever and stay young together. The time traveler said that now, the immortal would have something to hold onto while they were being yanked into other time periods. Unfortunately, there was a rush in leaving their little Italian hideaway and it had to be left behind.

Needless to say, it has always been very strange and kind of exciting to see that painting in The Louvre. It might have another artist's name on it and a new title that has nothing to do with either of them, but the two of them would recognize that painting anywhere. But that's the kind of life they live together, woven intermittently with stories so far out they seem unreal. The best part is that even with the sudden disappearances and the lapses of time in between their moments together, they can still dream of forever; an endless dream of endless time and adventures with the immortal and the time traveler.

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