The Thunderstorm by Michael Valdez

Updated on June 15, 2017

Tap tap a tinkling,
tiny tempo of patters,
slightly rapping,
constant like a ticking,
dripping, treading,
the kneaded ground,
ready to gulp,
the steady rising beat.
The wind waving trees,
raspy almost wintry,
breathing of some spirit,
with the leaves seething,
as if they know showers,
so showy will help blow,
off the safety of their shelter.
causing pelting,
and then….
A crackle cacophonic,
when it tumbles in a rumble,
thundering boom underside,
travels in a engine-like vroom,
further moving looming,
now passing by,
Rippling drum,
by and by,
low grumble,
fading to a smaller,
humming marvel.
Another flash! Attack!
Rolling mumble,
stumbling fumble,
undulating jumble,
longer strides,
conquering skies,
as it rides the tide,
further demise,
of the barrelling,
noise gone by.
And in time goes onward,
As the sweetness of the air,
returns to musical birds,
hearty chirps,
and smiling sun.

June 10th 2017


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