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The Threat of the Gangster

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This story is written as a response to prompt#18 of the article, “101 Writing Prompts to Inspire You” authored by HP fellow writer Earl S. Wynn.

Earl S. Wynn’s Prompt#18

Write a story where a character is faced with a decision that is very difficult for him or her to make. This is no ordinary decision- it’s hard to make and it needs to be made soon. The stakes should be high (or maybe just need to seem high to the character) and you can even go so far as action if you want. Whatever happens, more focus on the tension of the decision than on something else (like people’s looks or action-packed-shoot-em-up scenes.)

Pic: The Happy Couple That Just Returned from Their Honeymoon

Pic: The Happy Couple That Just Returned from Their Honeymoon

The Threat of the Gangster- The Response

Sebastian Cameron was back from the honeymoon with his wife. They were settling in their little red brick home by the side of a beautiful glittering blue lake. Green palm trees surrounded their home and the lawn grass trimmed and cut short were swaying in the light breeze.

It was at this time when Sebastian got an unexpected phoney phone call. The ruffled voice on the other end said, “We have a deal to make. You hand over your wife to us, and we will give you two million bucks. Or if you want to keep your wife, give us two million. Don’t contact the police, or you will regret it.” The connection went off.

That was the most absurd phone call Sebastian ever got. He called his wife, Joyce, and asked her to get ready and pack a few things for themselves because they were going to be out of their home for a few weeks. Joyce was puzzled but started packing immediately.

Shortly they left through the back door in their big truck so that no thug would understand. Sebastian and Joyce left for Joyce’s sister’s home about two hours’ drive away. They would be the best family to take good care of his wife while he handled the current situation in his hand.

Luckily the gangster didn’t call Sebastian again soon. They reached his sister-in-law’s house, and Sebastian asked them to keep his wife under their custody for a while. Joyce couldn’t understand what crazy situation her hubby fell in and least suspected that she was involved.

“I will tell you all about it”, Sebastian promised. “Do not venture outside. Stay inside all the time before I come back again to fetch you.”

He left the place soon enough for a 30 minutes drive to his detective friend's home to hit upon a plan. On reaching his place and meeting him, he gradually told him what situation he was in and asked what the best way it was to handle this case.

"We will make up a plan as soon as he calls you again. Let’s wait until his 2nd call. Tell them you will give them two million while I gather a force of police from here to reach the place he would suggest. You will take a briefcase with fake dollars, and the police behind will arrest them all.

You can take a short nap in the guest bedroom at our home. I see you are very tired," said Detective Allan Harvey.

Sebastian said, “Yes, I am exhausted.”

As he tried to relax on the bed in the guest bedroom, he wondered what enmity this ruffian had with him or his wife, Joyce.

"I just got married and wouldn't want to lose Joyce for anything in the world, nor am I prepared to lose my life. What a strange way to begin married life. I love Joyce with all my heart and wouldn't like anything to happen to her. And I am just back from the honeymoon to rejoin my work as an attorney and lead a married life. I had so many hopes and dreams for both of us.

What if we both die? Will God permit it? It’s highly risky to take a briefcase of two million fake dollars. What if I am caught by the gangster? I am not very religious, but maybe Joyce is. Nevertheless, let me utter a small prayer: God, help my wife, Joyce, and me. Help us out of this crisis. We have dreams for our future. We cannot just die out."

And then rang his phone. It was the ruffian’s voice again. “So, what have you decided?”

Sebastian said, ”I want my wife. I will give you two million.”

“All Right", said the sinister voice. "Be careful not to get in touch with the police, or you will be sorry. I will let you know where you should meet me." And the connection went off again."

Detective Allan had asked Sebastian candidly earlier about what service provider he used for his smartphone. And secretly, Allan asked that service provider to keep track of which phone calls Sebastian received from then onwards and from where. Allan gave his name, identity, and the last four digits of his social security number. Therefore, it was all set.

After Sebastian got his second phone call from the gangster, Allan came to know about his whereabouts via the service provider of Sebastian’s smartphone. His police force went straightforward to the bungalow where the crook named, Jonah Sniper was making the phone calls, and they attacked him from the backdoor and arrested him. There were two other men and a woman whom the force arrested as well.

Pic: Detective Allan Harvey

Pic: Detective Allan Harvey

Pic: The Gangster, Jonah Sniper

Pic: The Gangster, Jonah Sniper

So, the story ends happily for Sebastian whose short prayer is answered by God. He fetches his wife, Joyce back to their own cozy home. He thanks his detective friend profusely and pays him a good sum for all the help he offered.

Sebastian and Joyce live in content now. Whatever challenges come to them after this episode are never so big; so they are thankful to God, handle them, and overcome them to the best of their shots. Indeed they are a happy couple among the whole neighborhood.

© 2022 Rosina S Khan

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