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The Thirst That Can Never Be Quenched - Seeking Knowledge

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


Circumnavigating the known truths of existence

Taking the paths of more resistance instead

Of those easy ones, of least

Questing for knowledge is a challenge

The journey itself an engagement,

One that sweetens later discovery

Reach inside to find your courage

Boldly and without hesitation

To begin requires but a single step forward

Propelling you evermore

Into the future while anchored in the past

An immersion into the truths yet undiscovered

With considerations of the past

Carefully interwoven into the thread

Accepting that settled means almost nothing

In our miniscule splinter of universal cognition

Familiarity with accepted normal

A security wrapping for the masses

Structurally accepting rather than deconstructing

Questioning those who question

Instead of speculating on the potential

And chasing the tail of discovery

When all seems simplified and justified

Question the rationale and motivations

Examine the interpretations

When every barren paths’ been trampled

No stone left unearthed

Questions questioned

Answers answered and answered again

Pause and then ask another

For the thirst for knowledge

Cannot easily be quenched

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