The Terrifying Dragon

Updated on August 29, 2019

In the time of swords and shields tales of dragons and other fantasy creatures had always been there, though they had only been myths. Until that fateful day where one such creature of books came down upon a small village in the mountains, those who lived their lives in peace and tranquility were suddenly thrust into a fiery Hell from which they couldn't escape.

Days had passed from that time, then weeks, word had spread of the incident though still many felt it the tale of a madman. Though when these attacks begun to be more frequent, the tales of a madman didn't seem so insane.

They had named the dragon Dreadnaught for its massive size and the damage it brought.

Its wings one hundred feet in span, its teeth the size of a short sword, his breath hot enough to melt even the sturdiest of armor. Its scales were black, harder then any metal or stone, no weapon had a chance to pierce its impenetrable hide.

For years the dragon ravaged the land, sending the inhabitants of this once peaceful realm into hiding. High in the mountains, hidden deep within the large forests, sheltered in underwater caves. Wherever they could go to escape the dragons onslaught, but even with no one for it to ravage the dragon was still hellbent on destruction. The people lived in fear and they could do nothing to stop it.

Those who lived in the mountains were forced to hunt what little animals lived up so high, under the water fish were to be caught and inside the large forests many gardens were planted. They had become accustomed to how things were as the years had passed, but one man who just had a child born but the mother lost wanted his daughter to not have to live in fear.

He walked around his small forest village, even with the looks of content and happiness the looks in their eyes showed nothing but pain and fear. Fear of the dragon, fear of being found and not being able to continue surviving in their new home.

He didn't want that for his baby girl.

He wanted her to grow up safe, to run through the meadows and play in the lakes, to meet others and to grow old with a happy life to look back upon. But he had no way of making that dream a reality.

The father walked out to a small clearing where he could see much of the land they had to abandon, it was his little place to contemplate on things. Dreadnaught had taken position at the castle where many had lived, destroying it just to make a resting place.

"If only there was a way, to set things back to the way they were before. Then she wouldn't have to live in fear.." The father said to himself as he then looked up to the bright blue sky.

The father had decided, despite the unbeatable odds, that he would face this dragon to give his daughter a world to look forward to. He gave his daughter to a widowed woman, "Please, if I do not return, look after her for me." The father begged, the widowed woman nodded slowly with a sad look in her eyes.

A father with a newborn, he was willing to risk his own life to allow his daughter to live in a peaceful world.

The man soon packed up a small bag of food, a few herbs and then set off on his journey back to the castle.

As he ventured closer the skies darkened, a smell of brimstone filled the air, the area around him began to get incredibly hot. Key signs he was nearing the dragons domain and the dragon itself.

As he ventured further passed the castle walls he began to see the monstrous creature, it was curled up in the ruins of fallen homes, sleeping on the grounds where families and happy memories were made.

Back in the village the word had spread of the fathers actions, soon each of the villages had heard about his attempt to fell the demonic danger that inhabited their land. As if some strange miracle people began to rally, those hearts that were once filled with fear began to fill with bravery all because of one mans dream to leave a safe world for his daughter. "We can't let him do this alone, even if it means death we can't hide in the shadows any longer." Many began to speak, soon each village were arming themselves with whatever they could from simple farm tools to cooking utensils. However at the castle the father brought no weapons, no swords or shields, only his bag of food and herbs.

The father began to mix the two components together, the herb a powerful poison and with it he ate some of the poison mixed with the food. The disgusting taste almost enough to make him throw up, but he held it in, all for the sake of his daughter. The dragon awoken, feasting quickly on the father with no words said between the two. The villagers had come just in time to see it.

The people looked in sadness and fear as they watched the brave man be devoured, though not long after Dreadnaught began to vomit everywhere, its body writhing in absolute pain. One woman ran to the fathers bag that had been left, the herb all too well known by the people of the forest for they used it to kill animals quickly. "He used poison to hurt it..." She whispered, the father had willingly sacrificed himself.

The dragon, with one last ounce of will it breathed a large cloud of fire into the air, then fell to the floor, succumbing to the poison.

That day happened thirty years ago, since then the castle had been rebuilt, a statue in honor for the man who reclaimed their past lives, the world filled with more color then it ever had been before.

How do did this story get passed down you asked? Well that fathers daughter did live, she lived a happy life. Even not knowing her father she was told about his great deed, from that day on she wished to be like him, giving her all to make the world a better place.

So she wrote a book, everyone reading of her fathers exploit, she even teaches others of the history. And every day as she walks to and fro around the castle, she will sit down beside the statue of her father, and read him a story with a smile on her face, just to show how happy she is.

The End.


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