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The Telling – The Wheat Eaters Journal


Me and the boys made a good show of it. We used the Confederate flag for our colors. Even though none of us were from the South. The red caps they gave us and the crossed stars were the only things the Red Army issued to us. We brought our own rifles and ammunition. We were told that anything that was in our paths we could take. But we were in the second wave, so most everything that could be carried off had been.


It has been a few weeks. We are hungry and tired. I think we are in Kansas. Rumors of a blue army circulate. We are the rebels, the Red generals told us our way of life was at stake. They told us the Blue wanted something for nothing and must be stopped at all cost. We were so proud of ourselves and our country. We could only hear what we wanted to hear.

There’s been some fighting. Mostly old people who would not be moved. They had to be killed because they would not yield. They were meaner than we thought. The Red generals said they had to be killed, otherwise they would have to be taken care of. The Red generals said, all people must take care of themselves. The old people fought with hand guns and some were shot holding knives or shovels.

Months passed as we cleaned out area after area. Anyone too old, or too sick that were left, fought us with all they had. But we killed them all. The Red generals told us this was our country and we must take it back. There is no pride in killing old people or sick people. But we killed them all the same.

Nothing is going well. Food is scarce. The Red generals passed word to us that a large group of blues is in the area. Some men are carrying, on their belts, sacks of raw corn taken from the floors of silos.

The fighting has been fierce. We abandoned our trucks. Retreating South. With no gasoline we are forced on foot across what I think is Texas. I lost a few friends the other day. A sign said, Laredo. We have moved off the roads as the ambush is common along the empty highways.

We found some ammunition and just in time. There were only a few rounds left in my kit. There still is not enough. I have my eyes open for a different pair of shoes.


On the horizon, something looms up, it looks like it blocks our path. Blue is pushing forward. No word from Red generals. It's night, but we are still marching South. Not marching, rushing with our backs to the enemy.

It is a wall. The Mexicans have made ladders and are firing down on us from the great wall. We met some faded red caps. In the darkness they are trying to move east, trying to get back to the American south. They told us that west was blocked. They told us that they were going to get more men and women to fight for this country, a country that does not owe anything to anybody. It was their birthright.

At dawn the sharpshooters begin. The firing goes on, hour after hour. We are being picked off by the men and women from their perches on the wall. The smell of food being cooked is coming from beyond the wall. The blues are keeping us in range.



When the battle ended the blues withdrew. Ladders were dropped over the U.S. side and all resources were gathered; all weapons, clothing, shoes etc., were brought back to their country to use in the fight to defend their borders. Efforts were made to keep the civilian wars in the north from spilling over.

This journal was found in a glass case on a third floor of a long abandoned building where the Civilian Wars archives in Mexico had been maintained. A hand written note tells it was found among bleached bones in the desert along what was once the border between the sovereign United States and the sovereign country of Mexico.

The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia


mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on January 04, 2018:

Hello Verlie - I did not see any notification of your comment. I started my writing career here at Hubpages writing dystopian type stories. I hope this is not a 'sign' that I am nearing the end of my Huppages writing. Thanks for your kind comment.

Verlie Burroughs from Canada on December 25, 2017:

Mike, Another gritty, grisly, disturbing piece in the style you do so well. You paint a desolate picture. Reminds me of a Bruce Coburn song. You must have enough of these now for a collection of short stories?

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on August 15, 2017:

Hello Ann - Thank you. Giving it just a moments thought, it appears that mankind quickly forgets. We set upon each other with such vigor. The fight for land and resource has been going on for centuries. We certainly do not learn. Land does not multiply easily, and resources become scares. There will be plenty more conflict.

Ann Carr from SW England on August 15, 2017:

A powerful tale indeed. We have the words 'Lest we Forget' on war memorials and 11th November each year is Armistice Day, which brings it all back - and still we forget! When will man ever learn?

Great piece, Mike.


mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on June 19, 2017:

Hello Sha - We seem to be our own worst enemy these days. It is more likely that our own military marches against the civilian population. But, we will see. Thanks for visiting.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on June 19, 2017:

I hope this doesn't come to be, but I wouldn't be surprised in the least. As long as the current inhabitant of the White House keeps pissing off other countries, war on our turf is a real possibility.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 27, 2017:

Hello Paula - Thank you. You are very kind. My opinions have cost me a great deal. Yet, they are just opinions, not shouted, no finger pointing, just observations. Have a great Saturday.

Suzie from Carson City on May 27, 2017:

Mike....I just now caught your reply to my comment of 9 days ago. Have only one thought to share, YOU, Mr. Mike, could not be even slightly "repulsive," if you spent the remainder of your life & all your effort attempting to be. Just the word associated to you made me laugh out loud.

That's what I love about this site of ours. I am reassured every day that I do in fact, see much clearer, deeper & further than the average duck. Small minds must be ignored. They serve no purpose whatsoever.

Remain the beautiful man you are, always. Hugs, Paula

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 27, 2017:

Hello Ruby - Yes, this is fiction. And brighter days are ahead. I heard news that a republican candidate for congress saw fit to bodyslam a reported because he did not like a question. The people of Minnesota still choice him to high office. So the infection is deeper than I thought. I have been busy writing, but, I seem to have slowed down.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 27, 2017:

I know this is fiction, but it seems we are headed in that direction. Your talent shines brighter and brighter. Your muse has been busy while I've been away. Your interview with Don Corleone was top notch!

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 22, 2017:

Hello Gypsy - There is a good head of steam building here in the U.S. where it will take us no one knows. It seems there are sides being taken and a lot of shouting. So, we will wait, see and measure what happens next.

Thanks for spending so much time with my writing today.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 22, 2017:

A most interesting and thought provoking read. Great choice of music.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 18, 2017:

Hello Peg – I am against destroying history and therefore passed knowledge. It is often learned the hard way. When the Taliban began destroying centuries old art my heart sang. Turning back the clock is not the answer. There is no rug large enough to sweep our country's history under.

Likely what we should do is stop lying to ourselves. Our history is full of evidence that we are single minded in our pursuit of power and money. Nothing could stand in our way. Now at this late date in history, it is the American people who are standing in the way. We will see where we go from here.

It will be interesting to see if any Union memorials are dismantled. Why now is the question? It has been 150 years. Those statues are not the cause of the problems that men confront.

I am not a ‘One World’ advocate, with word coming down from Brussels,as how I should live. But I think I prefer ‘detached elite’, over ‘crazed billionaires.’

This week I typed in Left-Wing Radio into Google. Although it has been tried, it did not take. In doing so, I learned a new phrase, which is, ‘Outrage Industry.’ The airways are polluted with outrage and it seems to have taken root. We are all being played.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 18, 2017:

Hi Bill – Apparently my general disposition was made for writing dystopian fiction. The world gives me so much to work with. Thanks for the visit.

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on May 18, 2017:

Your sobering story reminds me of my visit to Atlanta and the Cyclorama which depicts a 3-dimensional portrayal of the Civil War with brothers on either side wounded and killed by their own family members. I'm wondering if they will be required to tear down that memorial since I'm sure it contains images of Confederate symbols that so many now find disturbing.

I can't agree with tearing down reminders of our history hoping that it will all get better. People served their country and fought for their side, people of the same blood and people of various heritages fought on both sides and opposite sides. Memorials were built and raised to commemorate the struggle of our country to find its true flavor.

I'm reminded of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: "Now we are engaged in a great Civil War, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived can long endure...that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth."

What I see is government by a group of detached elitists who have no idea what the common person faces or struggles with on a daily basis. While they eat their caviar and drink their expensive wines, the common folk are relegated to eating Totalcakes and told to be still, that "we will take care of you." I have fears of a New World Order where the few will rule the many and our mouths will be closed by fear of saying something that might get us labeled or arrested for hate speech. Or are we already there?

Anyhow, enough said, maybe too much. Your writing is as always, thought provoking.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 18, 2017:

I think that pretty much sums up our state of affairs in 2017. Let's hope it is not a harbinger of things to come. Brilliant!

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 17, 2017:

Hello Genna - Thank you. This is just me writing some dark fiction. Americans would never take up arms against each other. No fighting between States and neighbors. Nothing could divide us to the point of open aggression and all of us carrying weapons daily like in the third world countries. This is not Syria or Somalia.

Some group(s) behind the scenes are pulling global strings, manipulating all of us. What we are living is brainstorming at its worst to push all of us around. At the moment it seems to be working, but it is a tempest without nearly the fury necessary.

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on May 17, 2017:

Wow, Mike! Chilling, prophetic and superbly written. As you wrote in your comment: What "can't happen here" could happen when, and if, we take too much for granted. I pray that I'm wrong.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 17, 2017:

Hello Paula – There is a crime committed each time you formulate your thoughts and don’t write them down. I know you do not agree with my viewpoints. I do appreciate that you are willing to stop by and say hello. You adroitly express that you are strong willed. Your online friends adore you, as often seen in their comments to you and your response to them.

You clearly see that madness and cluttered thinking abound. Oh, if I only had the skill of clarity that you possess. I see so many premises built on twisted foundations, I hear the shouting of self-proclaimed pundits expressing falsehoods under a waving flag or a red hat.

Since I began expressing my opinion (nothing more) I have been told that I am repulsive, and the number of readers that had been stopping by to read my stories has dropped at least in half. I don’t think I have become any more repulsive than I was the first five years here at HP.

Had I not been directed to HP, I would not have met you and a small group of pretty wonderful people. I would have not ever expressed myself in any way, as I seldom talk. So, here I sit and type. I also am not known to yield, not on the things that are important. (It does seem I seldom pick the movie or the restaurant.)

Thank you for dropping by to say hello and expressing your thoughts.

Suzie from Carson City on May 17, 2017:

Hello Mike, You have clearly spoken for me, word for word with your last sentence to Martie. I KNOW I can't write what I really think. So, I settle for not doing very much writing, but I'm also not frightened.

You've made a valid point in terms of people shutting down communications with those who may have once been casual acquaintances, perhaps good friends & in the sadder cases, even family. I would not deny that I have surely EXed-out a number of individuals. I'm of the mind that my everyday life is filled with what truly matters and mass-hysteria, full-blown insanity & rage-filled conversations have no place in GramDawg's life.

I have a realistic handle on knowing myself quite well. What I sincerely refuse to tolerate, must be avoided or I begin to self-destruct. It is for me, a matter of self-control & discipline & a bit of self-defense (HERE, at least) In my own little world, I have no need to defend myself against anything.

Your work of fiction is, as all your work, a well-written piece of art. How often I wonder how people who cannot purge with printed words, rid themselves of pent-up toxins, anger & confusion. IMHO, nothing comes even close to being as totally powerful as the written word.....agree, Mike? Clearly, you do.

Sure do hope I'm not one of the old folks who must be killed for refusing to yield. "Yielding" has never been my style~~not by a long shot........Nice visiting with you Mike. Have a peaceful day. Paula

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 17, 2017:

Hello Martie - I see I am going to have to write some stories about flowers and bumble bees. Nothing to be afraid of - this is fiction at the end of a trail of what-ifs.

I guess I can't write what I really think.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 17, 2017:

Hello Shy – There is nothing to be afraid of here. The writing of this story is just a series of what ifs. I do hope the people of this country can wake up in time to see what a bunch of greed hungry politicians and their masters are doing. So far ever measure they have taken is to put money back in the ultra wealthiest pockets. It is disgusting to watch. It saddens me to hear poor people blindly help them.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 17, 2017:

Hello John Gentile – Thanks for the visit. I don’t think the events will come true. I do think communications have broken down. More and more, I just hear talking points being expressed. It is like there is a network telling people what to think and what to say. That you have maintained your friends is a testament to your patience. I do agree our strength is in our diversity. That is a good point.

Martie Coetser from South Africa on May 17, 2017:

What a prophetic post! Absolutely scary!

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 17, 2017:

Hello Venkatachari M – The political storm is like anything else I have witnessed in this country. The whole world is watching as we tear at each other. We are no longer a nation to be proud of.

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on May 17, 2017:

Mike, this is scary. I am one of the ones who will not budge, just like my momma when she was defending herself in Momma and the Prowler, but without the shotgun. I guess I need to look for one.

Blessings always.

johnmariow on May 17, 2017:

Well written. This is an excellent story. It held my interest. I hope the events in this story never come true.

I don't think communication have broken down. I have been debating politics on Facebook for years now. I am still friends with those whose views oppose my views.

That is because I limit the scope of my conversation to politics. I don't put down others on Facebook. I don't do any name calling.

I treat others with respect.

Our strength is in our diversity. Our strength lies in our ability to listen to opposing views. I hope the day never comes when we refuse to listen with an open mind.

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on May 16, 2017:

A good story resembling the present political scenario and the fears in our minds. I would like that some miracle happens and people get saved from these politicians.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 16, 2017:

Hello John - We here in the states are in a mess. People who have known each other for years are now not speaking over political leanings. The country allowed hate speak on over the airways for years. It seems some people actually believed what the loud mouth antagonists spouted.

I don't know anything, but just like in all of our writings, I keep asking 'what's next' - This story is a natural ending to a long string of 'what's next.'

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 16, 2017:

Mike, for everyone's sake I hope this isn't prophetic. But just watching the news from afar and reading opposing comments, here and on Facebook, it all seems only too possible. Good writing as always.

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 16, 2017:

Hello mar - I have had the title for this piece for a couple of weeks now. I was jumping back and forth with this and a F&F episode, then took a moment to write The Carriage Driver - Clover. 'The Telling' reminds me of some reading from years ago.

Thanks for the visit and staying with the twist and turns of my playful muse.

Oh, the pictures were last used with 'I Should Have Died for My Country' a short piece of writing at the beginning of my time on HP.

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on May 16, 2017:

I realize I have loose associations...but this brought back one of my favorite movie series of all times - The Planet of the Apes.

Your muse is going in a dystopian direction - even your chosen title is telling.

Loving when you share your writing range - thank you.

Hugs and have a peaceful evening, mar

mckbirdbks (author) from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on May 16, 2017:

Hello Patty – Your comment points out to me that there are others that feel that as the pot boils there will be many hardships to face. Factions is such a good word. I asked someone the other day if they listened to the ideas aired from the opposing party. The answer was no. We have lost the ability to communicate with each other. Hate speech, and polished lies are aired daily. I guess by both sides of an argument.

Today I saw something that made the two sides of the argument Nationalist vs Globalist. That is not how I see things.

I happen to know a little about the works of Sinclair Lewis. What ‘Can’t Happen Here’ seems to be happening here. I am dumbfounded by the rhetoric and those that take daily doses of hand feed hate.

Now I will go look up the Bible Codes.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on May 16, 2017:

This could all happen around 2019. A lot of near-future movies are set to release before 2020 elections, most of them about American factions blowing each other up... most are limited-release and independent films, but they are coming. Yours is a better story line than many of them have, but all have a degree of credibility.

You recall that Sinclair Lewis wrote back in 1935 "It Can't Happen Here", where a far-right-winger was elected on a platform of fear and drastic economic & social reforms in the name of returning to patriotism and "traditional" values. I wish Lewis were alive today to see it.

Your article is better than the predictions in The Bible Codes.

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