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The Tale of the Unknown

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New at writing and passionate about it. Would love feedback.


Childhood is the best time of our lives. The unknown is this magical place that always draws you towards itself and wants to be explored. Every day is a new adventure and our wild imagination drives us places. We build the foundation of our beliefs on our wild experiences. I distinctly remember one such incident from my childhood.

As a kid, my friends and I used to love going to a playground nearby. On one side of that playground, there was a huge white colored boundary wall there that always fascinated me. It was ten feet high and ran for the entire length of one side of the playground. It had this huge gate, as high as the wall and nobody ever saw what was on the other side of that gate.

Being the curious brains that we all were, we always used to chat about what was on the other side of the wall. All of us had some amazing stories. Some said it's a much better playground that people don't want us to know about. One of the girls thought it is a quicksand pool and we will all drown if we cross that wall. One little dude thought it's a jail. I know we all had some weird explanations, but can you blame us? We never saw the other side of that boundary wall, not even once saw that gate open. There were glass pieces on the top of the wall so climbing it in any way was impossible.


One good day, one of the boys from our little gang decided to bring in help. He got a ladder from his house. We made an elaborate set up so that no one saw us sneak the ladder out. He said that he'll put the gossip to rest for once. We all carried the ladder and set it up, but it wasn't long enough. One of the tallest boys in our group volunteered to do the honors of climbing that ladder that lifting the veil off the mystery.

We were all very excited. He got up, glanced around and didn't talk for a while. We insisted on him to tell us about what he saw. He had a horrified look on his face. He turned towards us and said, " There is a big, ugly man inside. He has a rope hanging on his shoulder and an ax in the other hand. His eyes are so red that I can't even look at him." We were all numb to our core. The boy glanced over the wall again and screamed," oh my god! He just took a kid out of a box and is going to cut him." We all started to cry. One of the other boys wasn't buying it and wanted to get up himself to try to look the other side. But the tall boy exclaimed," he saw us he is coming towards us", and we all ran away. I remember no one came out to play for a week. After a while, we cooled down and decided to go to the playground again. The tall boy sat us all down and told us that he heard his big brother talking about the man who lives on the other side. He told us that he hated kids and kidnaps them. He ordered us not to ever go near that wall again, and we made a "mother promise" to him that we never will.

A few months passed, we were a bit normal and played like the old times though we never went near that wall again. One day we heard the gates opening, scared that a man is coming to kidnap us we all ran away. It got so engraved in our mind that we ran away every time that gate opened.

After a year one day while walking towards the playground I saw that the gates were already open. I informed the others and we decided to go and get a good look. We walked slowly trying not to make a sound and peeped. We were shocked that there was no child killing monster inside the gate but piles of sacks full of vegetables. It was just a personal storage place of the owner of a farm land and as it had two gates which was why we never saw the gate towards the playground open much. We were all shocked because we had been so consumed by our belief of the presence of a bad man that it was hard to digest the reality. We believed our friend blindly and kept that fear thriving inside us. It wasn't until we saw the truth with our own eyes that we found out that we were scared for nothing.

This memory still makes me laugh as to how could I have been so naive as to ever believe in such a story. But I did learn an important lesson from that incident. This experience helped me build a strong foundation of my belief system. it helped me learn how to believe in myself and not just what i am told.

I learned that the unknown is always going to be scary and if you keep believing what the world is telling you, you will always live with that fear. You will never try to cross the threshold of that fear, which means you never conquer it. There are some demons that we make up in our minds and let them dictate our actions. The only thing that fear does is create a monster out of nothing. Face that monster, look it in the eyes and defeat it.


© 2018 Vishakha

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