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The Stranger on a Bus


The Dilemma

"Please, have a sit, Mrs. Wilson. So how are doing now?"

"Umm...it is going okay, I guess."

"Okay. So, tell me, how is the preparation going?"

"Good...good. It's going good. She is very excited, you know. We are doing our best, after all she is our daughter, and it will be the most important day in her life."

"Yes, it is indeed. But tell me what is bothering you? Your daughter is happy. Your whole family is happy. It's not merely about your daughter is going to get married a little far away from all of you. Is it?"


The Distress

Neither anyone nor Olivia herself could have imagined that she will need to see a therapist. Their daughter is going to get married, a little bit far from them. But nowadays it shouldn't matter.

But it was bothering Olivia. She started to awake at nights. At first George didn't notice. But slowly he got concerned as Olivia started to be absent minded also.

"I know you love our daughter very much, Olivia. But trust me she will be happy. You don't have to worry."

" I know George. I don't know what's wrong with me! Am I going insane or what?"


The Echo

Olivia have a beautiful family with her husband George and one son and one daughter. Their son got married last year, it was a beautiful ceremony, he was looking very happy and touch wood, he is very happy indeed. But when it's their daughter's turn to get married, an unknown fear is ruining everything for Olivia.

Their daughter and their would be son-in-law met on a flight. They were completely strangers to each other. But God works in his own way. And see now, soon they are going to be married.


The Waiting

"I don't know, Mr. Smith. What is it?"

"Is it anything about your past relationships?"

"Past relationships? Well..."

"See you have to trust me. Everything is confidential here, you don't have to worry."

"I don't think I could call it a relationship, but...I used to like this guy and I thought he liked me too. We used to ride on a same bus everyday. We used to look at each other and smile. He used to get dimples when he smiled. One day he left a note for me before getting down at his stop. It was very crowded. But somehow I was able to get it."

"You got the message?"

"Yes. He was going to leave next day for further studies. So he thought if we could meet. He said that he would be waiting at Hill Street."

"Hill street...so did you wait?"

"Yes. But he didn't come."


The Closure

"I don't know what did he got by making a fool of me. And now my daughter has met his future husband on a flight, I know it's foolish but the old feeling of betrayal is haunting me."

"Well... maybe it's...you know..."

"What Mr. Smith, fun? I was a teenager and I was embarrassed as hell."

"Okay. I think you should forgive and forget the guy to move away with your life."

"I want to, and I thought I have, till now. But it seems I couldn't."

"Okay, then don't. Let's assume he didn't give the note to you. Maybe there is some other girl on that crowded bus. So in this way, he didn't betray you at all, isn't it?"

"Well, yeah! Maybe...it might have happened."

"Let's have a closure, Mrs. Wilson."


The Forgiveness

"Oh! Mr. Smith, please come. You look very different after shaving off your beard! I almost didn't recognize you!"

"Am I, really? Where is Mr. Wilson?"

" Yes. Indeed. There he is...our daughter is just about to walk the aisle."

"Oh! Great. You have done a great job Mrs. Wilson."

"Thanks. You know what? I know it's not the right time but I have to ask you..."

"Please, go ahead."

"To get a closure, I have assumed that the stranger on the bus left the note for a different girl, then what about the girl? He didn't get the chance to meet her for me...so isn't it me, who seeks forgiveness?"

Mr. Smith smiles, "Well...I forgive you Olivia Wilson, I do."

Olivia notices Mr. Smith gets two dimples on his cheeks as he smiles at her.

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KAMKAR (author) from India on April 17, 2020:

Thanks a lot John.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on April 16, 2020:

Nice easy story Kamkar, especially the ending. Good job.

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