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The Strange Smoke

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

My head is going crazy. I think someone is watching me. Strange smoke often blows into the house. Then all the weird things happened. Even so, I could comfort myself that I had hallucinations. But things are getting worse by the day. Last night I went to sleep with a mosquito net. Earphones were in the ears. I keep listening to music with a loud sound. Suddenly I stop listening to music and try to hear something. Someone is walking outside the door. But who would walk outside of our house so late at night? Mom is sleeping in another room. There is no one else in the house except my mother and me. I was surprised to see the time on mobile. Two o'clock at night and now someone is walking outside. Did any thief come? I went to the front door and heard the sound of walking. As soon as I went behind the door, someone started walking loudly. I wanted to open the door lock. That's when the sound stops. Sweat accumulates on my forehead without me realizing it. Surprising me, my mother from outside says, "Open the door!"

Horrifying woman

Horrifying woman

I wonder what mom is doing outside so late at night. There is no reason to walk at night. Before she would call me again, I opened the door and saw my mother in front of me. Mother was looking at me with angry eyes. I asked, "What are you doing outside so late at night?"

Then my mother from the inner room said angrily, "What are you doing Shawn? Who came so late at night? Who do you talk to at this time?"

Cool currents flow through my spine. I look back once and look forward again. No one. A little while ago there was my mother. There is no one now. I immediately locked the door. I went to my mother's room and found her sitting. She looked inquisitively and said, "Who's here?"

Horror image

Horror image

Just then my mother came from behind and put her hand on my shoulder. She said, "What are you doing here, Shawn?"

I screamed in fear and looked at her then at the bed. A little while ago I saw my mother sitting here but now there is no one. Every fur on my body stood up. The heart was pounding loudly. The mother stared curiously. As soon as I stepped towards my room without saying anything, I heard the sound of breaking glass in my mother's room. I went to my mother's room and saw that there was no one there. There is only one broken glass on the floor.

Horrifying woman in red

Horrifying woman in red

This time I was terrified. Where is my mother if she is not in her room?

The windows open for no reason. There are many buildings around us so there is no chance to open the window by air. I heard my mother coughing in the washroom. Mom is there then. If mom was there then who did I see? It would be wrong to say who. Who were they?

I go to close the window. And then someone grabbed my hand and pulled the other hand. It just didn’t pull. It gave tremendous tweaks. I screamed and removed my hand and looked at my hand in fear. Tearing the skin of the hand. The blood is flowing. From behind I heard my mother's worried voice. Mom came from the washroom. She looked at me and said, "Why is this the condition of your hand?"

The haunted palace

The haunted palace

I was suddenly frightened by her arrival. I looked at her carefully. No, she really is my mother. Not a ghost. Still, I sit close to the wall. My mother was surprised at my strange behavior. I screamed when she wanted to come to me. She got worried by my screams and stood a little frightened. She asks me, "What happened to you? Are you crazy so late at night?"

"I'm not crazy."

"What's the matter, dear? See how much blood is oozing from your hand. I'll bandage it."

As soon as she leaves the room, there is load shedding. Darkness all around. It is pitch dark. I say to my mother, "Mother, bring me a torch."

Ghost hand

Ghost hand

After a while mother came with a torch and bandage. Seeing my mother gave me courage. I told my mother everything. Mom said, "I was in the washroom, baby. So much has happened to you. If you want, sleep next to me tonight. You must be afraid to go to the room, aren't you?"

According to my mother, I went to sleep next to her. When that current will come. Someone called me shortly after I fell asleep. It will be 3 a.m. soon. Lots of missed calls on mobile. As soon as the call was answered, the father said, "Shawn, your mother had an accident. We are now in medical. Come tomorrow morning if you can."

That's when I remembered that my parents had gone to the village today. I forgot. Mom had an accident. But I'm thinking of myself. I don't have the courage to turn my head anymore. I know there's a ghost behind me.

I close my eyes. I could clearly hear the sound of ghost walking. I could hear the sound of his movement beside me. But I didn't look back.

Whenever I see strange smoke flying, I realize that something will happen to me.

Where does this smoke come from?

I also went to the village house the next day to see my mother. I couldn't forget last night but now I don't think of it. I saw my mother in the hospital as she was very sick. Mother went out yesterday or at night without telling anyone. Hearing her deadly scream, dad ran to see what had happened. Mother was seen lying on the steps of the pond. I went to my grandfather's house to see my mother. Grandpa was very rich. Huge house like a royal house. You have to cross a huge iron gate before entering. You have to cross a long and wide paved road. Coconut trees on both sides of the road. More weeds in the garden. The garden is like a small jungle. Useless plants are growing. It's taken care of. And how would it be taken care of? There is no one else in the house except the grandmother. Every month parents come and see her. However, if parents wanted to bring her to the city, she's the one who would not want to come. Because her husband's grave is here, she cleans the grave every day. Besides, all the colorful days of her life with her husband and whole family are spent here so she can't leave this place at all. Dad hired a lady to cook. The bathroom was outside. But at night, it's not proper for the grandmother to go out alone to the bathroom so dad made a bathroom inside the house. Pond at the back of the house. There are sixteen steps to get down to the pond. Fish is farmed in the pond. Grandma entered the house. She looked at me and hugged me. Grandma caresses me. I like pickles very much. Grandmother brought pickles for me. She said to me, "You don't come now. You don't know how much I want to see you."

"I know Grandma. Actually the pressure of studying has increased. So I can't come on time. Anyway, how are you Grandma?"

"Alhamdulillah, I'm fine. Look, there were a lot of mangoes on the tree this year. I picked them all up and made pickles for you."

As soon as I looked at the pickle, my eyes widened. How difficult it is for my grandmother to walk by herself. Even then, she treated me with love and affection and made me delicious pickles. I continue to eat pickles in front of my grandmother and I close my eyes again and again. I can see the smile on Grandma's face. I'm sure she's very happy to see me eating. Father called from the hospital and informed us that the mother has recovered a bit. So there is no reason to worry.

I keep thinking about yesterday. I forgot why my parents are not at home! How is that even possible! Then the grandmother came and said, "What happened baby?"

"Grandma, do you think ghosts can take other forms and come to us?"

"Yeah, a ghost can transform if it is stronger. It can talk or touch you directly."

Grandma's village is creepy. I ask, "Have you ever seen them?"

"It's been so long since I've seen them, but I'm not afraid. A few times they've been lying next to me on my bed in the guise of your grandfather. But I didn't say anything. I pretended nothing had happened."

The house is so big that even if many lights are on, the darkness of the house will not diminish at all. Meanwhile, the grandmother does not keep the lights on because the electricity bill is high. There are lights in my room, in the dining room, and in the bathroom. But other rooms are always dark. Even grandma's room doesn't have any light. She kept a hurricane lamp burning in her room. If anyone wants to go somewhere in that huge house, he has to take the hurricane in hand. That cook lady ate with us that night and went back home early. Because her house is a little far from here. However, it is not difficult to go. She can go with a hurricane in hand. I have to say she has the courage. I do not dare to go outside after evening. After eating, I was sitting in my room watching funny videos on my mobile. Then I heard the sound of bathing in the pond. I opened the window a little and looked outside. No, no one. Maybe the mind is wrong. Let's turn on the funny video again. After a while, father called and said that he would stay with mother tonight. Tomorrow, if mother feels well, she will return home. Suddenly I started to feel cold. At home I see that strange smoke. I wrap the word up to my head and message inside with my friends on my mobile. In the class test, one of my classmates was caught cheating in the distance. In front of everyone, the principal grabbed him by the ear and made him sit up. There were also girls. All of them were laughing. In the midst of all this fun, I heard the sound of bathing in the pond again. I see a newlywed bride there through an inch gap in the window. Has anyone got married today? Does it make sense to come and bathe in someone else's pond at night?

The bride slowly opens the sari. I don't look back but I feel an unknown pressure inside me. As if I don't see the bride's bath, my chest will flutter. I know it's immoral but I can't stop myself. I look out the window. The wife is completely naked and carefully enters the water. But she isn't coming up anymore. My chest trembled. What's the matter? Did she drown? Let's wait some more time. Even then she did not get up. I hurried to the pond with the hurricane. There is a saree on the stairs. I hit a few stairs with a hurricane. My conscience says help someone who is in danger and my heart says that there is a danger trap for yourself. I see that strange smoke in the pond. Smoke billows over the water.

My heart loses to conscience. I quickly went down the rest of the stairs and came in contact with the water. As soon as I put one foot in the water, I wondered if she would've died by now. If she died,

Then the body would float away. But what? Her body isn't floating or she isn't a human . At that time someone pulled my foot violently from under the water. I drowned the water. My whole body drowned. Someone invisible under the water grabbed my face, eyes, nose, ears all together and started hitting me at will. There was nothing that I could do to stop it.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was on the stairs of the pond. The whole body is in pain. The smoke on the water got a shape this time. When I saw it, I ran with pain. The shape had two devil-like horns. I ran into my room and saw a terrible woman in a black dress. I ran to grandma's room and I kept knocking and knocking on the door of my grandmother's room. Grandma opened the door and hugged her. I soon realized that this is not my grandmother. I did not understand who opened the door in the dark. My grandmother's body is soft but her body is very hard. By then I was late. The ghost isn't leaving me anymore. No words are coming out of my throat. The ghost kept holding me tight. I kept trying in vain to call my grandmother. Suddenly I heard Grandma's voice. She is loudly reciting Surah Nas and Surah Falaq. Immediately the ghost pushed me away.

Grandma came and grabbed me. When I told her everything, she said that someone must have done black magic on me. I'm surprised. Why would anyone want to harm me? I go to see my mother in the morning. She can't talk now. For some reason she stopped talking out of sheer fear. The situation is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

I stayed in the hospital and sent my father home. He has done a lot. And he has been taking care of my mother. Now I wanted him to take some rest.

I get very tired while serving my mother. At night I sit in the chair next to my mother. Mother was asleep. Suddenly my mother opened her eyes and gave me a hint. I did not understand. In the room I could feel the presence of strange smoke. My heart trembled when I looked under the bed. A horrible looking woman under the bed is looking at me and smiling. Gradually my mother's trembling increased. The woman under the bed growled and said, "Give my child back. Give my child back."

I got up from the chair and said, "Doctor-nurse! What happened to my mother?"

After shouting several times, a nurse came and the woman disappeared. Mom saw it all. She kept screaming and trembling. I calm down my mother along with the nurse.

The next day I went to a Huzur and he helped me. He said no human did me black magic. But the ghost did. I was surprised. What did I do that the ghost enchanted me with black magic?

I will not be released from the horror of those ghosts until I know it. It suddenly occurred to me that I had burned to death a white snake a few days before the incident. Huzur, knowing this, put his hand on his head and said, "Say the same thing. You must have killed their child without you realizing it. But they will not accept it. So they have followed you. And they have done you black magic."

"What can I do now?"

"Go to your house and search carefully. See if you find any amulets. If you find it, burn it immediately. If it is too late, they will take your life or your dear ones."

I then set off for the city. Halfway through, Dad called and cried, "Shawn, where are you? Your mother is dying. She is vomiting blood."

When I heard my father screaming, I lost my way. I hardly came home and realized that I forgot to bring the key. I brought a hammer from the house next door and broke the lock and went inside.

I keep searching. Dad called again. Mom's pulse is stopping. My chest trembles. At last I tore my pillow cover. An amulet comes out of there. A paper tied with red thread to the amulet. There was a lighter in the pocket. I take the paper from the table and put it in a place and burn it with amulets. I heard a terrible scream from inside the room. After a while, my father called and said that everything was normal.

I thought it was all over. But I see the smoke in front of my eyes and there is a terrible woman standing. The woman is still smiling. That horrible smile. But I could not destroy the magic?

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