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A Short Story of 4 British Hikers Who Discovered an Alien Base in the Welsh Mountains

Updated on February 5, 2017

It started out like a trip of all trips for these four teenagers as they began a camping trip into the Welsh Mountains, of South Wales in the United Kingdom. The high peaks and swooping valleys of these infamous Welsh Mountains had attracted them before, as it is a beautiful and wild countryside that hasn’t changed much in thousands of years.

But this trip was different from all the other trips they had participated in before because this trip was one they had all dreamt of doing, but they were never sure how they could do it? Their deep fascination with UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and extraterrestrials would have these boys talking into the midnight hours, speculating and debating on the mysteries of the Universe.


Their location for the trip was unanimously agreed upon as the ultimate destination for searching the skies for UFOs. The Welsh Mountains and the Welsh countryside is by far the most isolated and untouched region of the British Isles. With Its untamed lands and isolated expanses of endless rolling Mountains and valleys, would become the perfect place to see UFOs they had hoped.

Three days they had planned for their expedition which consisted of two days and two nights of observing and recording the star-packed skies of Wales. Plus one day that included the arduous hike there and back with backpacks and night watching equipment with them.

Tom, or (tom-tom) as the rest of the lads liked to call him was the navigator on this trip. Who had carefully plotted all the routes on his ordinance survey map and calculated the directional bearings he needed for his compass. Tom loved map reading and navigation as one of his, very ‘good at skills’ that he had learned as an army cadet.

So it became fitting through his passion for map reading that Tom was so namely named after the very recognizable satellite navigation system, called the Tom-Tom. Needless to say, tom-tom wasn’t as reliable as his technological counterpart but the lads knew that and deep down so did Tom.

The team followed on behind Tom and they were all in high spirits. The weather couldn’t have been better and the sky was full of glorious sunshine. The landscape and views were just breathtaking as they trekked along an old trodden path left behind by other hikers to the Mountains.

Their destination some ten kilometers away would take them deep into the wild plains of the Welsh countryside. Deep enough for them to do some real study and hopefully see some UFO activity. These sacred Gaelic lands filled with Cairns and ancient stone relics along the way would resonate deep within the hikers psyche of a time were the ancient people was once roaming these plains.

A testament I think, that all hikers to these mountain ranges would all agree upon. As it has a humbling and spiritual influence on the senses and fills the hiker with awe, as they would have personally witnessed the majestic brilliance being presented to their senses.


The Black Mountains

Nearing their goal to a high set of peaks within the Black Mountains ranges, surrounded on its northern lower peak was a dense patch of trees. Perfect cover from the rain and wind that can easily descend upon the unsuspecting hiker. Here they will set up camp and erect the tents and set the provisions to be ready and to make themselves comfortable before the sun sets.

As the four lads laid down their heavy backpacks with a group sigh of relief, Martin wasted no time in opening his twenty-four-hour ration pack and began to prepare a much needed hot brew for all the lads. Martin was a disciplined team player and had learned much from his army cadet days, where the four had all met and became friends originally. In fact, they all knew exactly what needed to be done and all done their bit to help each other out and make things runs smoothly.

Martin prepared and cleared away all debris in the new campsite to eliminate the risk of fire. Tom and the two others, went straight to work erecting the tents and creating a visible path to the campsite with the use of glow sticks which would illuminate throughout most of the night.

Finally, with an hour and a half of sunlight left. They all started to relax and prepared their evening meal from their ration packs: beef stew and dumplings. “Yuck”! said Greg. Andrew, realizing he had corned-beef hash and not his favorite either, said to Greg, “Ah, Greg, it’s your lucky day mate. Here, let's swap?”

And with that, the familiar smell of the hex blocks began to burn as the fuel on a small stove that was slightly depressed into the earth to keep them from being blown too much from the wind. Then simultaneously Tom begins telling a story of tales and myths. “Ah, listen up lads. Did you hear of the rumors that there is supposed to be an ancient alien underground base, not far from here?"

Martin surprised but intrigued nearly chokes on his dry ration pack biscuit and says, “What did you say tom-tom? Alien base? Are you winding us up mate, as it’s a little early for the ghost stories?"

Tom holds a meaningful gaze staring Martin straight in the eye and with a slight pause, and then says, "Martin, I am serious mate. These rumors came about when I was on a 'cadre' (training course) when in the army cadets, staying down at Sennybridge Training Camp. One of the senior NCOs (non-commissioned officers) on the course had said he had overheard two 'squaddies' (regular soldiers) talking about some joint operation with the Draco's (an extraterrestrial super race), down in their den?"

Greg’s eyes immediately widened and his jaw dropped open in total shock. Then he quickly slurs out a reply. “What the bloody hell is a Draco?”

Tom replies, “I will get to that bit mate in a moment.” Then continues unabated and never deviating from the seriousness of his story. “This NCO had heard these 'squaddies' saying that a select few from Alpha Company had been involved with these Draco’s down in their den. Some black project of some kind that’s super secret. To just whisper of it, well consider yourself a dead man!"

"Anyway, the point I was trying to get too was that there is a secret underground base situated somewhere here in Brecon, (the Brecon Beacons). You see these 'squaddies' had mentioned that there were two main entrances to this massive den (underground base). One entrance is situated in Sennybridge and the other?”

The group grows agitated and excited all in time with each other and verbally groaned, “Oooo." Then Martin races in by saying, “Come on tom-tom, let's be having it, what the?”

Tom raises his hands up as to hold of their mounting intrusion and begins to execute the final piece of the puzzle. “The second entrance to this alien base is situated somewhere in or around the Black Mountains.”

Greg, Andy, and Martin are frozen like statues on the spot completely dumbfounded until the reality of the situation dawns on one of them. Greg suddenly breaks from his frozen state and says to Tom, “Tom-tom, tom-tom. Please tell me you are joking mate and bloody square this away with us now. You are winding us mate, aren’t yah?”

Tom replies, “Mate, I am only telling you guys what that NCO had said to me on that cadre (nickname for military training course), he was bloody serious when he told me and I don’t need to tell you who bloody trains up here do I?”

Andy answered first. “Bloody heck, lads. He might be onto something here. This whole place is the training ground for the Special Forces, dam! They are even based up here aren’t they or are they not?”

Martin then answers. “Yeah, I think that’s right mate!” Then Greg continues, “Could it be just a coincidence that the best of our military are all based up here in the Brecon Beacons?”

Tom quickly jumps in and says. “Well, you never know lads this whole area could be the British version of America’s Area 51 for all we know?”

Martin interrupts and begins to verbally state a leveled minded view of the situation. “Hold on just a minute guys, I think we are letting our imaginations run wild and are missing the basic facts. First of all, this area is a National Park area, which is open to the public. Plus if there were any alien bases in the Black Mountains, then the whole area would be under strict control by our military.”

The rest of the group looked at each other almost scratching their heads, as Martin had clearly given them food for thought. How could it be possible to hide such an underground base and keep it secret without some sort of military cordon hiding it in the first place?

The group fell into a moment of silence and deep contemplation as they were left with a paradox to ponder over. Which was now conflicting with their gut instinct and rationalization of the matter at hand?

Dumbfounded as they all were but never the less were still not quite convinced with the rational thoughts running through their minds.


Greg now decided to grab the rest of the glow sticks from his backpack and said he was going to lay out a safe path up to the peak, some two hundred meters from the camp.

The use of glow sticks is an effective way to mark out boundaries and pathways when dealing with mountaineering because the darkness of such places can be so severe in these conditions. In other words, it would be extremely difficult to even see your hand in front of your face.

Especially in the Mountains of Wales where you are totally isolated from nearby cities and their natural glow of light pollution. Up here in the Mountains, night time is a surreal kind of darkness and with it comes the obvious dangers of walking off cliffs or steep gradients that can fall down some hundreds of meters.

But these guys had learned so much of survival and mountaineering skills through their time in the army cadets and were very equipped and competent in such situations that could be very dangerous to those without such skills.


Then out came the boys toys

Darkness now loomed and the last of any light was diminishing fast but luckily the weather was perfect. With a gentle breeze blowing steadily and the temperature being not too cold to handle but more importantly, the sky was clear from end to end, just perfect.

Andy switches on his L.E.D head torch as he begins rummaging through his backpack, and after a couple of minutes pull’s out two waterproof bags which he begins to open.

“Ah yes lads come and check out these bad boys.” Andy confidently boasts as he pulls a strange looking device from one of his waterproof bags. “What you got there mate?” said Greg, as he looked up from organizing his daysack for the nights UFO watching.

“This my friend is my latest and greatest gadget, a top of the range night vision set complete with head mount for hands-free use. With this baby I will be able to see perfectly in the dark and hopefully spot any UFO activity” says Andy, with a proud and happy smile.

Martin closes in to take a better look at this night vision device and asked Andy. “Man, I wish I had one of these, I had seen these things on the Internet and always wanted to have one. Show us how it works then Andy?”

Andy switches on the night vision device and pops off the front cover of the lens, “right, he says. You look through this bit and this button can zoom in and out, also, this button can increase the brightness intensity and this?”

Andy is then interrupted by Martins impatience. “Alright, alright, mate; save the cadre (lesson or course) to another time, I just want to quickly see how this thing works for crying out loud”.

Andy looked surprised but soon smiled as he remembered his excitement the first time it had been delivered to his house, brand new.

Martin now begins to rant off an excited commentary like a little child almost immediately the moment he begins observing through the night vision device. Andy began to unravel from his other waterproof bag another interesting device and says in a deep humored voice. “And now the beast of all beasts, dun, dun, dah! Behold my brethren, the thermal imaging device.”

Greg wastes no time and asked to have a first glance at this latest bit of technology, the thermal imaging device. "Bloody hell Andy did you win the lottery or what?” said Greg.

Andy then replies. “I wish mate but no. I had been saving up for these babies for ages and was going to buy a new car but you know how it is? These boys toys are just irresistible, I had to get hold of them, just had too.”


Tom had returned from a quick trip he took to the peak of the Mountain near to where they set up camp. He had been setting up a comfort zone for the nights UFO watching by building up some rocks into a small wall to act as a windbreaker just in case the weather changed suddenly like it could easily do in these parts. His reason being as to not lose their equipment or day sacks (small backpack), in the strong winds that can easily turn ferocious up on the peak and blow them away.

Tom followed the luminous route back into the camp and notices the night vision and thermal imaging devices. Andy spots him and says. “Tom-tom, come and have a look at this mate they are my babies, here take a look through this one.”

Tom hurried over and took hold of the night vision device and began scanning into the darkness and soon found himself doing exactly what Martin did just prior. Tom now began to run his own commentary to what he was seeing.

“Look at the detail of this thing man! I can see across the whole valley down below. The range of this device is unbelievable Andy, look at this? I can even see the lake down there man, that must be half a kilometer away? "This is just amazing," he says, oh! I can also see. What in the hell is that!”

Andy blind to what Tom was seeing as he hadn’t had the chance to use his devices yet and was even more curious when Greg started to say the same thing as he was using the other device. The thermal imaging device.


What the hell is that?

“What the bloody hell is that?” Said Greg. Now everyone in the group became eager to have a look at what he was now seeing for themselves and began jostling and fighting for the devices between themselves.

After a few groans and an excited struggle. Andy gets hold of his night vision device and begins to scan in the direction the lads had seen something. Tom now begins to give verbal directions to Andy, as he was looking through the device.

“Tom shouts to Andy. follow my call! look straight across the valley at twelve o'clock, (Tom uses the clock face for directional purposes). Look for that 'Lone Tree' about four hundred meters down from the cliff face, Andy quickly replies to the command, “Seen!”

Tom quickly continues. “OK, now two o’clock, go five hundred meters (visually) until you see the edge of the forest, Andy acknowledges, “Seen!” Tom again continues, OK. Now follow the edge of that forest up to twelve o’ clock until you see a depression in the cliff face.”

Andy follows the directions given and slowly observes as he follows the edge of the forest upwards, then?

Andy could not believe his eyes, “What the hell is that?” The object now being seen looked saucer shaped and streamline, but it was hovering next to a cliff face but totally motionless. It was neither making contact with the cliff face and certainly was not resting on any firm surfaces near or next to the cliff face itself, astounding.

Andy calls out to Greg. “Greg, are you seeing what I am seeing mate?" Greg replies quickly. “Absolutely mate, the heat signature of that thing is all internal, nothing is showing up around it. So there is no heat at all being dissipated, I just can’t believe what I am seeing?”

Andy begins to run a commentary of his observations for Martin and Tom, “OK guys take note, zooming in now on its location. This thing is obviously stationary but unbelievably hovering with no signs of fuel expenditure. Just nothing, no anomalies whatsoever.

I estimate its width to be around fifty meters across easily. It is perfectly aerodynamic and although I cannot see its true color because the night vision view is all green. I can see some sort of reflection that is showing up, this thing must be metallic.”

Andy pauses and then continues. “Wait a minute! Is that thing?" Greg explodes with shock and excitement, “Wow! What the heck just happened?" Andy replies instantly. “Where the bloody hell did it go? Greg what happened, man.”

Greg answered with lightning speed. “you’re not going to believe this mate it's just unreal man. I think that thing just vaporized? into the cliff face, I think. One minute it all looks red and with bits of white then a big white flash appeared and a heat signature dissipated straight into that cliff face. I just can’t believe what has just happened.”

At this stage, the four of the lads are frantically sharing the night vision and thermal imaging devices around. As the naked eye is totally blind in the darkness of these Mountains.

They continued to scan the location they had last seen this unknown object but there was nothing. Not a sign of life in or around that direction. Martin then decided he needed a strong brew and had now started to light some hex blocks to heat up some water.


OK, time for discussions, what did we just see?

Greg obviously still on high alert from the whole experience had instantly jumped around when he saw flashes of light to his side. “What are you bloody doing man, are you crazy! You’re going to give away our position to the aliens, do you want us to die?”

Martin quickly explains. “Greg chill out mate! this is not a bloody combat mission we are alone up on a Mountain peak in the cover of these trees. The bloody object has gone now and I need a strong bloody brew, alright!”

Greg humbly admits. “Sorry mate old skills working, you know how it is. do us a favor mate, stick enough water on so I can have a brew too, please. This is just one heck of sighting, I just can't believe we actually seen one so close.”

The rest of the lads slowly mingled around the small cooking stove and sat down, then began to speculate and discuss the whole experience. Greg began. “OK lads we need to get our heads around this one fast, what on earth did we just witness?" Andy quickly takes the lead in the conversation. “That is no doubt a UFO, absolutely no doubt about that, but have we just witness an alien spacecraft or is it a secret government project?”

Tom remembers the story he shared and repeats it again. “Guys do you remember when I had told you about that rumor I had been told by the NCO back at Sennybridge training camp? Well I think there is definitely something more to it now, don’t you agree?”

Martin finishes a sip of his brew then leans forward and says. “I think you are right Tom, we could have just witnessed the other entrance to that alien den you had mentioned. I mean just think about it for a second. That thing or UFO just dissipated into that cliff face in front of our eyes. Could it be that that particular cliff face is some sort of entrance?”

Andy goes further with this assumption. “Yeah, that could be a very real possibility as these aliens must have superior technological capabilities. Maybe that UFO was just waiting and watching to make sure nothing had seen it before it then decided to, well, disappear into that cliff face?”

Greg surmises too. “Maybe that cliff face is some sort of holographic projection? So as to look like a rock face but is in fact just an illusion and a very good one too. After all, what better place to do it? No hiker would ever attempt to try and get down onto that ledge, it would be suicide?”

Tom begins, “OK lads. What are we going to do now then eh? I mean this is the biggest discovery of all times. I mean, what are we going to do about all this?”

Martin has an idea. “Right lads listen up and listen up good. We have just stumbled across an unimaginable discovery. We have also come to these Mountain ranges to search the skies for UFOs, right? So we have two options. Option one. We hightail it out of here at first light and forget about everything we have just seen and probably live to remember it instead."

"Or? We take this further and at first light attempt to access this holographic entrance to this alien base and finally get to see some real aliens, but could probably get ourselves killed doing so?"

"So what do you say? Do we do it or do we get the hell out of here ASAP!”

The group falls into silence and deep contemplation. Do they risk their lives to satisfy their curiosity or do they make a run for it at first light?



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      I thought I would leave that choice to the reader.

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      So....what happened next?