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The Story About You

I have been an online writer for over six years. I am passionate about books, philosophy, music, and the music industry.

As the sun sets on a lazy Sunday, you step into your backyard with a yawn that never seems to end. When it does, your neighbor’s untamed beast, a Rottweiler named Bob reminds you that you’re hated despite having fed him steak burgers over thirty times. You keep your distance from the fence knowing he loves to dig into calf muscle. What infuriates you further is his ability to act like a well mannered poodle, on a Saturday, the day he’s fed the steak burger.


While you try to fall asleep knowing you’ve got to face your boss for the next five days, Bob’s owner, a fan of The Beatles, turns up the volume of his stereo playing “All you need is Love”. Your facial expressions change as you grind your teeth and clench your fist. While you wish you could clench both, your eyes constantly portray images of the shark that swam away with your left hand. A plethora of curses erupt, you can’t take it anymore.

Just as you decide to have a talk with your neighbor, your mind warns you about his short temper and bulging biceps. You quietly cringe in bed and sing along with The Beatles. Slowly but surely your mind drifts and lines of disgust appear on your face thinking about the marital assets of your divorce settlement.

Finally the day arrives, and victory is yours. The settlement goes your way. You pop open the finest champagne and sip it wearing a diabolic smile. The theme of Chariots of Fire gets loud in ambient corners of your mind as you watch the lines of disgust appear on your ex-wife’s face. Suddenly, the pomp and fervor is disrupted by the saliva of Rocco, your ex-wife’s pug. You wake up realizing the pug is the only prized possession you’ve acquired from the divorce settlement. Once you’re fully awake you remember your ex-wife didn’t want Rocco.


The face of your boss gets vivid as you walk towards your workplace. As you’re crossing a street, thoughts of bearing your boss till the weekend torment you, while a woman in a speeding Mustang heading in your direction adjusts the rearview mirror and pampers her lips with a new shade of lipstick. Thud! All you remember is an aerial view of a car. Next thing you realize… you’re seated in a dark leather couch alongside a man with horns laughing his guts out watching visuals of your sobbing ex-wife at a funeral.

You take a moment, inspect the dark interiors of the area and arrive at a conclusion, Hell! The devil confirms it. You reluctantly lean back on the leather couch and watch the visuals of your funeral. Your heart melts as you realize your ex-wife did care for you. What annoys you is the fact that the devil is constantly laughing through the entire episode. As you confront him he laughs even louder and reveals the face of the woman in the Mustang.


© 2019 Ansel Pereira