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The Storm Within Rages Without

The storm that rages without gives way to the storm raging within

The crack of thunder peals across dark skies

And inside the storm builds with each glance you give

I feel the blood coursing through my veins

The flash of lightening as

As it seems to almost touch the ground and disappear

Makes me jump

Though not visible the fast paced thud of my heart

My breath catches as you walk slowly towards me

A look I have seen before evident in your eyes

Outside the wind stirs dried leaves, twigs and debris

Twisting the branches on the trees with such force

It shakes the rafters

Still, you advance

The strong pull causing me to let out a puny whimper

Your beautiful eyes smokey gray settles on mine

Nostril flaring the need in you apparent

A shock of lightening flashes across dark skies again

and again, and again, each dotted by thunder each more powerful than the other

sends the storm raging

The whip of the trees as they fight to stay upright

warns of the brutality of the storm to come

Huge droplets falling like diamond's ping against window

Freshly washed by droplets of rain

Eyes huge with emotions glance once, twice, like a starving wolf

Back arched proudly stealthily you advance

Another clap of thunder finds you in my arms

I reach for you offering what little comfort I can from the storm

that rages outside

You tremble uncontrollably

It was on a night like this that we came together for the first time

Our bodies glistening from the wetness of the rain

Slowly sensually you rub your body against me

Touching my cheek in gentle caress

My poor puss, I talk gently to you

Aware of your fear of the storm

As you purr in gratitude

As I watched the black cat that had taken up residence on my back porch in San Antonio, his back arched in expectation of the coming storm. I envisioned its fear as he extended his claws and made a dash for the shelter of the lawn furniture.

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