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The Storm That Took Her Breath Away

I'm an animal lover and professional veterinary technician, with a passion for writing and inspiring others to chase their dreams.


It was like the calm before the storm. The bright sun lit up the blue sky not getting disturbed by the clouds. Birds were soaring above with no care in the world. She walked until the warm brown sand embraced her cold feet. She kept walking until the water chilled her pale skin. Goosebumps were welcomed as she took a deep breath. She looked around and noticed people were leaving the area, but she stayed.

It was her mission to feel something besides hopeless. She felt dead inside, happiness got lost along the way to recovery. She has nothing more to live for.

The wind appeared as if it was a ghost. The clouds became unfriendly and the darkness has arrived. The crashing waves picked up and the current was racing. She wasn’t scared, it’s like she embraced whatever was going to come next. She dropped her jacket onto the brown sand and then she let go of her long brown hair that was tied up by a clip and then dropped the clip as well. Her hair flowed with the wind that was picking up rapidly.

She walked further into the water not showing any fear of what was lurking in the unknown. The dark water didn’t seem to scare her. The question is… what is she scared of, if anything at all?

The mystery is left unsolved by the time she reaches waist deep into the unknown. The rain is pouring down on her sweet smooth skin, mascara running down her pale cheeks. Lighting dances in the sky like a play that has never been seen before. The thunder rumbles letting everyone know that the storm has arrived.

The end is near for her. She can feel in it in her bones as she floats on her back looking upon the dark angry sky. Her skin becomes numb as her heart starts to beat slowly. She closes her eyes as her body becomes familiar with the unknown.

She felt free. Free of all the trouble that was haunting her. Free of all the pain and dismay. Free from all the grief she has been through; free from all the scars she had upon her skin. This was the end of her chapter. The book is now complete. She can finally be happy.


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