A Demon's Broken Heart

Updated on March 31, 2019

Hell and Heaven have always been at odds, one could make a argument of how it had began or why it all started, but the history had not been written.

Hell was full of vile demons, Heaven filled with the angelic light of the feathered-winged angels. War lit the lands between Heaven and Hell, Earth bore scars from this conflict and despite each loss on both sides no victor had yet been crowned.

Hell had a powerful general, Hyde. Heaven a beautiful but deadly leader, Akimae. The two had never crossed paths until one fateful day, but on that day what happened was never meant to happen.

A battle raged on the front lines of the old world, Hyde and Akimae led their armies as they clashed except the two great leaders finally had met. Hyde began the engagement with his savage machete, Akimae returned with strikes from her leathal katana. The two battled with such animosity it was clear the two had no love for one another, Hyde had his incredible strength and the young angel her speed. Once again no victor had been claimed.

The battle had ended with blood and death, the armies had vanished but the two leaders still remained. Both were beaten and bloodied, each had obtained deep cuts and black bruises but the two had continued to battle. Eventually the demon gained the upper-hand, knocking the weapon from the angels hand before pinning her to the floor with his foot. The angel had been beaten but her will to live did not give up, even without a weapon the two continued to battle, eventually it ended with both lying on the floor side by side breathing heavily as they tried to regain their strength to deliver the defining blow but it was to no avail.

"You shall not defeat me demon." The angel said as he managed to mount the demons chest, her blades tip aiming at the Demon General's throat, she reared back before thrusting her weapon downwards but the blade never struck flesh. The Demon was surprised.

The two looked at one another, surprised not only on Hyde's face due to his life's thread not being severed but the angle Akimae from her not being able to deliver that finishing thrust. "Can you not finish me?" Hyde asked as he gazed up to her, his strength not yet fully returned.

"You are not worthy enough to die by my blade." She responded, in her heart however something was wrong. This demon had slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of her soldiers, but her blade had halted at that final moment.

The angel stared down at the demon for a moment, she stood then sheathed her weapon. "Shall we cross paths again I will not spare your pitiful life." She spoke before she stood then began to limp away.

Time passed, no one can know how long since time's passing was much slower for those on the other plains.

The two were now connected, both knew little as to why. The demon knew not since his life had been spared, the angel knew not caused she had spared him.

They met once again, the angel spent her time alone by a tree surrounded by a large lake filled with glistening waters. Hyde had found her, though it was not murderous intent or rage that filled his tainted heart, but confusion. The angel knew of his presence but said not as to why she didn't draw her blade. The demon walked to her side, hesitantly sitting beside her. No demon had these feelings, none from the past had ever had any feeling of confusion. This was something completely new.

"You are here, why?" Akimae asked the Demon General, but he had no answer. "Only a need to come, I have no reason other then that." He spoke as he looked at the waters. His home of Hell held no beautiful scenery, no sparkling waters or skies filled with stars. It was a change he had not wished for, but it was one he did not complain about.

A silence filled the already quiet place, no awkward tension but a feeling of need surrounded them.

The two glanced at one another, his crimson shaded eyes gazed into the golden shimmering windows into her soul. Just a moment of that occurred before they embraced, their lips connecting as their arms grasped one another in a firm grip. A demon and a angel had never once before been in this position, but for the first time in countless centuries it finally had happened.

The two connected for quite some time, eventually pausing and then separating before both had a feeling of embarrassment fill their bodies. Hyde cleared his throat, the silence broken by it before he stood. "I should go." He said before he left quietly, disappearing into the shadows as if he had never really been there. The Angel Akimae held a hand over her breast, a small blush covering her tanned cheeks as she thought about what had just happened. It was an experience a creature from the Holy Realm had never felt, a demon may have but not angel.

The two had begun to see each other more often, though they kept their nightly events hidden from their individual kinds for obvious reasons. The two had begun to have an intense relationship, once enemies on the battlefield they had became lovers. Hyde was the tall, strong and silent one. Akimae the short, kind but headstrong girl. The duo were quite different, the demon and the angel had very different personalities but they got along more well then anyone could ever imagine.

Love, kindness, tragedy and renewal were what these two went through. Though each day was filled with a nightly meeting of love and passion, time eventually began to catch up to Akimae and Hyde. This was the beginning of the end for them.

"I have not seen you at our special place for some time." Hyde said as he sat beside the tree, Akimae did not sit beside him. "I have been, I have been quite busy." She said to him, her voice not filled with any sound of regret. "I see." Hyde responded as he looked down to the waters and let out a deep sigh. "I have other things to do you know." She spoke as her voice became more annoyed. "I was not saying that, I just have not seen you, I was feeling as if you did not wish to see me anymore." He said in response to her.

She said nothing else, she simply left.

Hyde did not know if he had said something wrong, had he done something she did not like? He may have been a demon but his heart remained true to her, but the long periods of absence became more frequent. Each night he sat by that lake where they first met, the very place they had first embraced as lovers. Each night that passed she was nowhere to be seen. What was once patience became rage, it became pain and hatred.

The Demon General soon found out the reason, in his pain he found his beloved in the company of another. In the arms of another man, of an angel. Hyde went to talk to her but his presence sent Akimae's new lover into a rage. Hyde was struck with the holy blade of the angel, black blood oozing from the wound. Hyde did not hold back, striking back with lethal intent but he could not finish off the angel. Akimae stood between Hyde and the demons prey.

"Stop!" She cried out, pushing back the demon. His mind filled with confusion once again, his weapon dropped to the floor as he stepped back a bit. "I was just~" But before he could continue he was interrupted. "No! Go away I don't want to see you again!" Akimae cried out, walking over to the fallen angel and beginning to tend to his wounds. Hyde stood there dumbstruck, he felt as if his heart was about to break. He couldn't breathe, he felt a welt beginning to form in his throat, he didn't know what to do. From there he simply ran, going to the very place they had first met. Falling to his knees as he looked up into the sky and letting out a roar of pain.

The demon sat where the first place he had ever felt love, sitting beside the Weeping Willow Tree. Years passed, then decades, he never moved. The betrayal turned the once proud general into a shell of his former self, he was never the same. And eventually he passed away, no one to save his soul. The Demon General Hyde died from a broken heart.

Love, live, loss and end of life. So ends the story.


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    • Thomas Finney profile imageAUTHOR

      Thomas Finney 

      15 months ago

      Thank you both very much, it is a story based on a chapter of my own life. Im glad you enjoyed it.

    • pattyfloren profile image

      Patty Florence 

      15 months ago from Illinois

      That truly could be a true story.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      15 months ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is an excellent story. Keep up the excellent work & keep writing!


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