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The Stork Brought The Wrong Baby

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.


James and Catherine had been married for seven beautiful years. They had a small farm out in Nebraska where they raised chicken and had bit of cattle. They did most of the work themselves but also had a good hired hand name Jeff. James and Catherine were a very nice couple. They were young and beautiful. James was just 31 and Catherine was 28. They spent most of their time together on the farm. When they were not on the farm, James would take Catherine dancing and on occasions out to dinner. They were a beautiful couple who always wanted children. They planned on having four kids. They always wanted a big family. But this dream of having a big family soon turned into a nightmare when after trying to have kids for a very long time, it was discovered that Catherine cannot be impregnated due to a rare medical condition.

This broke Catherines heart because she always wanted to give James apart of her other than her heart that he could love forever. But James was an understanding and loving man who took his marriage oath very seriously. "For better or worse. Till death do us part." James told Catherine he did not marry her to bore him kids. He did not marry her to work on a farm. He married her because he loved her and whatever obstacles that come, they would face it together. On hearing this, Catherine hugged james and started to cry. She had never felt love like this before. They both however still wanted kids and James suggested that they adopted. Catherine looked james in the eye as a small tear ran down her left cheek and kissed him deeply.


James and Catherine went to an adoption agency ran by a man called Peter Stork. He assured Mrs. Hamm that he can introduce them to a few prospective possibilities. James and Catherine wanted a baby. They wanted to nurture their adopted child from he/she was very yound so a natural bond would have been formed.Mr. Stork brought them to a home that had much younger children for adoption. They had babies which were abandoned due to various circumstances. As Catherine entered the room, immediately she was drawn to a baby girl sleeping in her crib. "Who is she? What is her name?" catherine asked. "This is annabelle. She was abandoned and basically left at the door steps. We get so many cases like these. Young mothers who get pregnant and want nothing to do with caring for a baby when they begin to realise all the responsibility involved. It is quite sad." said Mr. Stork. "I am really drawn to her for some strange reason." said Catherine.

"I feel the same way." said Peter.

"I would love to take her home with me. What do we have to do?" ask Catherine.

Well, there is some paperwork which needs to be filled out before you can take her home. An agent needs to also check to see where the child will be to see if your premisis is fit for raising a child. We also do background checks to see what kind of people we are sending a child to live with.Just some standard procedures which can take some time. Especially if our agents are already on other cases. The adoption period can take weeks up to month." said Mr. Stork.

"Oh my God, that seems quite long. I think we better go get started on the paperwork then." suggested James.

Mr and Mrs. Hemm filled out the paperwork for the baby and was quite pleased that day. They went home with high anticipation hoping that everything would work out and their little angel would be with them in weeks instead of months. Catherine went all out and started fixing up her future daughter's room. James repainted the room with bright beautiful colors and made it suitable for a baby to live. They were estatci about this baby and simply could not wait to bring home their baby.

Storks baby

Storks baby

Call From The Agency

Six weeks had passed and they did not hear from the agency. Catherine started to get a bit worried seeing that nobody from the agency came to check out their home or interviewed them.Catherine asked James to call to see what was happening because she was afraid that their would be bad news. James called the agency while he was out on his farm tending to the chickens.

"Hi, Mr Stork?"

"Yes, hello. How may I help you?"

"This is James Hamm. We were at the agency six weeks ago and we signed up the documents for the adoption of baby Annabell."

"Yes Mr.Hamm. You and your wife must be wondering what's going on. We have been stretched for manpower Mr.Hamm. I am sorry that no one called but an agent is assigned to interview you and your wife next week. Is that ok?" asked Mr. Stork.

"Why yes it is. Sure!"

"Ok. Mr Spinton will come by you next week."

"Ok Mr. Stork. Thank You."

"No problem Mr. Hamm."

James immediately called his wife to tell her that they would be interviewed next week. At last Catherine saw the cogs turning and only wished it was turning much faster. The days couldn't go any slower as Catherine counted down the minutes until next week. It was a Saturday weekend when they was at home sitting on the porch having their afternoon coffee when a blue chevy drove up. A tall dark man stepped out and walked up to them. James and Catherine looked at each other and jumped up the same time hoping it was the man from the agency.

"Hello." the man said.

"Hello." James and Catherine replied at the same time.

"My name is Mr. Spinton. I am from the adoption agency." I was told you would be expecting me?"

"Yes, come on in. would you like some coffee?" asked Catherine.

"No Mam, I am fine." said Mr. Splinton.

The man entered the house and simply started walking around. He looked at room after room. Then as he was about to pass Annabelles room he stopped, stood at the door looking at all we did for the expected child and smiled. He then sat down and drilled us dry. He told us that he would send in his report in two days time and then it would be in the hands of the agency to give the green or red light.

Wrong baby

Wrong baby

Stork Called

It was a scorching Thursday afternoon. As usual, Catherine, James and Jeff were out on the farm working. Catherine's phone then rang and it was Mr. Stork.

"Hello. Is this Mrs. Hamm?"

"Yes it is."

"Congratulations Mrs. Hamm. Little Annabelle is now yours.' said Mr Stork.

"Oh my God! Oh my God. James! come quick!" Catherine shouted.

James dropped the fork and Jeff flung a bag of seeds on the floor and they both ran to Catherine thinking she was in trouble. "What is it honey? what is it?" James came running breathlessly.

"Oh my God. Annabelle is ours James. Mr Stork just told me." James lifted his wife, spun and kissed her. "Oh Gosh honey, This is the best news I heard all day. So when do we pick her up?"

"Oh my God. Mr Stork is still on the line. Mr. Stork. I am so sorry. I forgot you were on the line. I was just so excited." said Catherine.

"That's ok Catherine. We get that reaction a lot."

"So when do we come in to pick up our daughter?

"You don't have to. I am on my way with her right now. It is kind of like a thing I do once the family is cleared. I will be at your home in another 30 minutes."

"Oh my God. Thank you so much." Catherine hung up the phone and ran to get herself cleaned up to receive her child.

Stork Brings The Baby.

James, Catherine and Jeff left the farm to go freshen up anticipating the arrival of baby Annabelle. Not long, a brown BMW gingerly drove up to the farm.

"This must be her." Said James.

"how do you know?" asked Catherine.

"Because the driver is driving as though he is either transporting eggs ora small child."

Catherine looked at James and smiled.

The car pulled up and surely outcame Mr Stork. He then took out a baby carrier out the back seat. Catherine's heart began to pound anticipating receiving her daughter. Mr Stork smiled and held out the carrier to Catherine and said.

"Here you go Catherine. You are now a mother. Congratulations!"

James and Catherine looked at the baby, then they looked deeper at the baby. Then they looked at each other.

"Mr. Stork. Who is this?" asked Catherine.

"What do you mean? That's little Annabelle.

"No it's not." said James.

"Yes it is." said Mr. Stork.

"No it is not." Said Catherine.

"Yes it is." said Mr. Stork.

"Mr. Stork. Our baby Annabelle we chose was a much younger child. She was also white. You brought us a older child and this child is also of African ethnicity." said Catherine.

"Oh my God. I am so sorry for the mixup Mrs. Hamm. There were two baby Annabelle's. I just grabbed a cot marked Annabelle and placed it in the car. Geez. What do you think are the odds of that. Stork bringing you the wrong baby?"

Catherine and James looked at each other and could not help but burst out into laughter at Stork's error. "The irony they thought." Mr Stork however returned the other Annabelle to the home. Catherine and James drove behind Mr. Stork to collect their bundle of Joy as they did not trust a stork any more to deliver their right baby to them.

James and Catherine and little Annabelle were now together. The Hamms were happy that they had a child and soon would look forward to giving Annabelle a brother.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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