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The Station

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"Take the A Train"

Glass to the sky, a bitter pleasure slides into the mouth. Red sparkles spread on the floor, soles full of a cheating shine. Cigarette smoke, alcohol's choice, sweet crumbs of dark being the meal served day and night. She wasn't ready to try, and yet her friends drove her to the hazard lights that hurt her eyes. She fell into the glitter; small tears burned her lips within a flicker. She flew and smashed her wrist to the floor, and got expelled from the club without a word. She ran and walked down the street; no gravity found. Nails holding tight to her elbows, breast exposed, skin full of naked scars.

Everything clouded until the echo of a piano called her attention, and it was not an irritating sensation, more like a melody vibration. People were clapping, and they were laughing. She followed their rhythm, started dancing without permission. Oh, that was music, no more noise, and faded vision. She opened the door of that rackety place, windows with life and real dancing at sight. The air purified her lungs, no more artificial hope, foots hitting the ground, heels, and shoes singing between the waves of the flashing blues. She walked in the middle of the conversation, saxophone and drums were about to start a crescendo. Eyes filled with stars; she ruffled her hair, it was a mess. Her hips were on the move, dress tight, it was show night. She lifted her hands to the sky, joy coming out of her mouth. The room soaked in love, hearts full of vivid agitation. Take The A Train, what a delight station.

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