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The Spooky Outcome of Shoeb’s Creative Writing

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Shoeb had just got his M.Sc degree in Software Technology from abroad and had returned home. He met one of his close friends, Ashraf who showed him a site where he could submit creative article stories and earn good money. Shoeb loved the idea and read some of the stories in his friend’s account that he had authored.

Shoeb felt inspired by the idea. He too started to think creatively to write stories. He wrote the summary of the first article as follows:

Junaid, a guy aged 18 years had been cursed by a witch so that whenever he was alone, he heard voices in his head. He complained to his parents, and he saw a doctor who gave him medication. But in vain. He tried a series of reputable doctors to cure his problem, but they all failed. His parents gave up, and so did Junaid.

Junaid learned to live with the voices in his head. Sometimes they were good and encouraged whatever he did, and sometimes they could be obnoxious and gave him a hard time. 20 years passed by, and the witch who placed it on him returned.

She asked puzzled, “Aren’t you curious how to remove it?” Junaid, much older and mature now, simply shrugged and said, “I am used to it.”

Shoeb meant to elaborate the above story to about 1000 words and submit it online. He did it within a week. He felt jubilant when his first creative article got published and thought of surprising all his loved ones. But none of them congratulated him nor showed appreciation. He couldn't understand why.

Pic1: Shoeb Working Hard at Creative Writing

Pic1: Shoeb Working Hard at Creative Writing

Shoeb met his friend, Ashraf, who gave him the idea of creative writing in the first place. Ashraf said, "Don't worry. Elderly people are too traditional and cannot take in innovative ideas. Just wait until you are paid well for your stories, and they will be happy.”’

Shoeb felt encouraged after this conversation with Ashraf. He thought of his second creative story, which he intended to submit online again to the site Ashraf showed. His next story’s summary followed as below:

As Mother Fairy instructed, Cinderella left the ball before midnight, leaving behind one of her shoes in her hurry. Later she heard the declaration of the prince that he was ready to marry the girl whose foot would fit the missing shoe.

Cinderella realized she was only infatuated with the prince and never really loved him. So, when the prince came to her home, only her stepsisters tried very hard to fit the shoe on their foot and yet, they couldn’t.

But Cinderella stayed behind and didn’t show up. She was dressed in a servant’s clothes, and the prince hardly noticed her nor recognized her.

Shoeb decided to extend the story to much greater detail and vividness, which in fact, he did and submitted it to the site online and felt satisfied. He noticed after each submission of his stories, his loved ones went more and more aloof.

He thought to himself, “I will prove to them what I am doing is worthy, and I am loving it completely. I am already earning money. When I earn enough, they will be contented, I am sure.”

Shoeb’s next creative story involved modifying the "A Princess and the Pea" story.

It was raining profusely. Suzie, a girl of 20 years got lost in the walking trail through the woods and was completely drenched in the rain. She could see the castle on the hilltop nearby and knew that the prince who lived there was looking for a real princess.

Suzie thought of playing a trick. She went to the castle. Her whole full-length dress dripped water on the ground at the entrance. She said simply, “I am a real princess. Please let me in so that I can escape the rain.”

All the people at the castle gathered together to see if she were a real princess. They couldn’t tell. After all, Suzie looked very beautiful even in her wet dress. They let her in, and the Queen asked her to stay the night.

Under Queen's order, underneath 50 mattresses, a pea was placed on the bed foundation. On top of all of the mattresses, Suzie had to sleep the night.

Suzie had a scrumptious dinner with the entire extended family and eyed the prince from time to time.

Next, it was time to sleep. Suzie used a ladder to climb to the top of 50 mattresses. Everyone left her, and she was allowed to sleep.

The next morning, while having breakfast, the Queen asked, “How well did you sleep last night, Princess Suzie?” Suzie confessed, “I only wanted to get out of the rain. So, I faked everything. I am no princess, and I didn’t feel the pea under the mattresses and slept well on the contrary. Thank you so much for your cordiality. I am ready to leave now.”

The Queen and family were speechless and let Suzie leave the castle. They were all completely spellbound at Suzie’s canniness.

Shoeb sent it off online to the site to get published after expanding it and adding much more substance and liveliness to it. He basked in glory. He didn’t care if relatives would have nothing to do with him. His Mom and sister were still at home with him. He was grateful for that.

Shoeb closed his eyes and thought of the next creative story.

A girl of 15 years borrows her deceased father’s cloak because it’s raining heavily outside. As soon as she steps out on to the street, she is amazed that she can read everyone’s thoughts.

Pic2: An Amazing Cloak of the Deceased Father

Pic2: An Amazing Cloak of the Deceased Father

Shoeb felt tired and thought he would relax going out to Ashraf's place. On the way, he met his sister, who was wearing a cloak to keep out from the rain.

She said, “Going to Ashraf Bhaiya’s place? Will you talk about your next creative story to him?”

Shoeb felt offended. “How do you know I am going to Ashraf’s place?”

His sister replied, “Just a guess!”

She further added, “Plan to stay there only for fifteen minutes, Shoeb Bhaiya?”

Shoeb was even more surprised. She was reading all his thoughts.

His sister was fifteen years old, and the cloak she was wearing belonged to his deceased father.

Shoeb realized, to his extreme horror, that the spooky unthinkable had happened. His most recent creative idea had taken on a life of its own!

All his relatives gathered at Shoeb’s place that night. They said, “We told you not to write creative stories. We warned you. Now see what is happening, Shoeb.”

Shoeb reflected and said, "Yes, I understand now. I don't mean to write creative stories all my life. I will stop doing so. I will start looking for a job in the field of Software Technology, matching my skills and expertise."

All the relatives, mother and sister embraced Shoeb. Yes, there was love and affection in the family again.

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