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The Smoke of Affinity

Hey, I am Nishika. I'm a budding writer and enthusiastically explore different areas. I always try to keep myself motivated and enjoy life.

It's not easy to get rid of the burden of The Smoke Of Affinity.

It's not easy to get rid of the burden of The Smoke Of Affinity.

The Smoke Of Affinity

My eyes sting because of smoke, the smoke of burning affinity. The point here, is not that it's burned but to know how? Well I'd say it's me who caused the destruction where I burned it all and not once; but until the mess I made was bearable no more. This smoke - it's stiff; it's heavy and it comes after me everywhere, every time. Running everywhere and anywhere trying to get rid of it I'm strayed but I can't stop. It hurts and smothers making it arduous for to move ahead; but then I remember it's here because I called for it. It's the upshot of the gob of bonds that I burned alas, it had to be intense.

It's high time and I can't bear it anymore. It's like I'm gasping for the air I stole from me and I'd do anything to release this burden off me. It's not cushy and I'm aware that the only way to make it go away, is to lift up and take province for my mistakes. I'm fain to do whatever it costs to lay off the smoke. I need to make things right more than anyone knows and I'm trying very hard. The prob is learning where to start from; because it feels like trying to reach the things that you can't see.

Making the air clear and fresh, I just wish to leave without traces and return to basics to start over.

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