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The Sixth Shade

Nishibonya is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Silchar, India.

Talk about life and all that it comprises of, the phases and their bitter sweet nuggets! The most essential is the sixth one, when things begin to conclude; The choices one makes set up the stage for the very next thing to take place! Here are six stories to spell this out.


1.0 The Twilit Sky

She resembled the twilit sky; right before the eyes, yet miles away ! Spread endlessly, she too lived in a multifaceted disguise that none could fathom! Under the lifeless demeanor survived an urge of ecstasy to celebrate, roar in laughter and love erroneously; But she was scared of the demons within, how her masks would die out one by one, bringing on a complete blackout!
She complained of finding no stars to wish upon, not realizing all of them resided in the fleecy corners of her heart! She was scared because she didn’t know how invincible her demons were and how amazing the darkness was! Only darkness could generate the real shine as time flies!


2.0 Morning Hues: the misses

She was taken for granted: Every time she took care of every little thing that gave them joy, was so careful dealing righteously with stuff that saddened them;And not to forget, giving away her precious time just to soothe their conscience! But all she got was disappointment- not that she was expecting something in return; but at least she wished to see them flourish and go the right way! Still she held to it, they got suffocated! Angered,they asked her to give space and leave! Hurt, she did let go, that too just to fulfill their ego; still wishing for happiness wherever life takes, even if she wouldn’t be a part of it! As time passed, eventually they realized how beautiful she is and how blessed they were! They miss her, but can’t have her back, just like the long gone morning hues! A silent prayer is whispered in the name of her well being! Amen.

3.0 The Willful Facade

Her heart was strangled, by few people she loved the most! Left distraught, portions of her trust, meant to be cherished, were broken midway, the rest, too scattered to fall into place! Being a constant victim of presumptions and rumors, she felt tired of the chains that surrounded her; the fame that choke the freedom to be herself, live the way she liked! Once a bubbly girl, she used to chirp around the corners carrying packets of smiles in her heart and offer her own share of time and happiness wherever she spotted sad faces! Still she smiles, pretends to be fine, just to hide the weeping child inside! Still she cares, afraid to express it much, to save her empathy from being taken advantage of! Emotions tend to irk now, solace feared and vulnerabilities smartly escaped! But her eyes refuse to deny her yearn to love and to be loved!
Finally, she decided to lose herself, forcing into being a bitter woman; so that nobody could hurt her anymore; none could enter and exit her life as per their wish! Amidst sudden flashbacks of the past and the blankness of the present, she stubbornly treads along the lonely path- still hiding that fragile girl from the cruel world, through her rough demeanor and the pretense of non-nonchalance!


4.0 Left in the Dark

She feared to leave herself alone with her mind! The way they both interacted broke the hell loose,enough to let the soul seep into the illusive darkness! It was first slow and then all of a sudden, the thoughts took over the reins - not even a warning sign showed up at prior; It kept her chained for long! But the irony was, there was no darkness she can’t overcome, no chains after all- it was just a trick of the mind to paralyze the perception, a feeling of being engulfed!

5.0 Dawn’s whisper

The crazy motion of time, enlightened her soul, showed the place where magic lies- right inside; while she worked to restructure her life, she stumbled upon the life she wished for!
The main problem was not the lack of hope or will, but, being too anxious about the passing time and holding onto things that should be set free!The choices she made, the longer she could wait, created a way out eventually!
She fell in love, with herself again, the cynicism could stay alive no more that way! The magic she searched for, was deep inside all this while!

She didn’t fear it anymore; even staying alone did not make her feel likewise! She could tear apart the blindfolds one by one, shut up the noises inside her mind;hear her calling from a step afar. She felt alive because she wasn’t afraid of defeat anymore.. Yes, a thousand times over, for what she wished to be!

A breath of Hope

A breath of Hope

6.0 The Descent

Th phase from which she slowly begins to realize her worth descended finally! Meanwhile, she realized this little thing in the process of self-discovery! So here it goes:

“Let no one define you, don’t let yourself believe them so often; let no parameters be set for you -that will eventually become huge limitations! Your soul is meant to be floating free: run away from anything that seem to weigh down the very essence of it; Never feel lost and confused when the world is against you at times, either you are correct or totally astray: be very righteous to spot the answer! Your very own self is enough to carry you through the journey, the trials and tribulations: and trust me, self-worth is rediscovered in the process! The struggles don’t define you but yes, attitude does; It carves a novelty every single time you come across an obstacle: keep going strong!
Have the courage to walk an extra mile for the ones you really want to be with: stand for them, let them know if you care! Life is very short to keep waiting for the right time to come: the point you start from becomes the moment!
Accept the flaws you have, don’t put yourself in an illusion of perfection; that would keep you at the same place, forever; but growth is the truest purpose of life.
Whatsoever life brings to you, something better can always be made out of it; and despite everything, you can be really beautiful if you wish to be!”


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